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Save Our PTSD Sites

At Operation:I.V. we are determined to save lives and make life better for our Combat Veterans! We need to get the word out there about the real issues that our Combat Vets with PTSD and TBI experience, and what it really takes to help them and how we are doing just that! In order to do this we really really need your help!! The following 3 things are what we … Continue reading

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Mi Amor, Hawaii

As we were sorting the never-ending bags of mail in our mailroom that day, putting each envelope in the correct slot, I noticed I had a letter. I knew what the letter was, as I was waiting on my orders for my next duty assignment; back then that was how you received your military orders, rather than through email now. So as I sat in our post office in South … Continue reading

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My weapon by my side….

Someone is breaking in, I can hear the window cracking open. I hear the footsteps coming to my bed. I hear them breathing near my face. Someone is in my house. As my heart is beating out of my chest…I open my eyes. These are the dreams and thoughts in my head during the early morning hours. I reach under my extra pillow, of the many, to check and make sure … Continue reading

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Journaling for Health

Journaling has become a healthy way to express feelings about life.  For vets, writing about their thoughts regarding a traumatic event can help them understand the relationship between their feelings and what triggers them, and how it impacts their daily life.  For family-members, friends, and close confidants, journaling can help you recognize your vet’s triggers, your feelings toward them, and how to avoid behavior/action that serves as a trigger.  For … Continue reading

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Etiology of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

In my experience with PTSD, I have always tried to think about what could have made that experience easier. With that ideology I have found that if I would have known about the etiology of PTSD, that would have allowed me to understand the disorder a little bit better and know what to expect. Having such an understanding could have allowed me to notice the symptoms more readily, and or … Continue reading

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Tips for Combat Veteran Supporters

I know that Combat Veteran supporters such as friends and family need help too. Today I wanted to write about burnout among close family & friends supporting a veteran who has returned from combat with PTSD or a TBI. How do you keep going when you just feel like you can’t? Do you feel guilty for being burnt out?  Maybe you just don’t know how you can do this one more day? Or you feel … Continue reading

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As I was reading my facebook stream, as I do everyday, I saw a post on Operation:I.V.’s facebook page that really hit home for me. The picture that was posted gave suggested tips for Veterans who are suffering from PTSD, and how to cope. The tips are not only a great way to cope daily but will be even more effective during the holidays. When those trigger moments occur, oftentimes they are associated … Continue reading

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