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Combat Veteran you know who may have PTSD

Contributed anonymously from one of our supporting visitors…. For the longest time, my brother's actions never bothered me or raised a flag. He seemed to be distant, always wanting to be alone, and posting weird things on Facebook. My family would say something at gatherings about one thing or another he did that seemed a little odd. I chalked up his weird behavior to him being himself. He is a … Continue reading

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Veterans and Unemployment

  Coming home from war–while a great relief, also presents its own challenges–re-acclimating to everyday life, catching up with people you haven’t seen for a long time, and, of course, finding a job. Currently, the unemployment rate for Combat Veterans of the post-9/11 era is higher than the national average. You may think that soldiers immediately have a leg-up on the competition, and should be easily able to find a … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Day

Many of us here in the US applaud those who fight for our freedom. I would even say most of us. Any time there comes around some whacko who demeans our soldiers we get enraged and remind them of all they have done to serve our country. “They risked their lives for your freedom!” is one of our most common responses. This is very true, and a commendable response. I … Continue reading

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This is why I run

There are various forms of expression that any one person can use to express what they are feeling within. Some would rather go to the gym and lift heavy weights for an hour or so to release aggression. Others may want to paint an abstract picture to fully express what is within the subconscious mind. Some talk about their problems, and others prefer solitude and quiet time. In any case … Continue reading

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I Can Breathe

As I stared out the window with tears in my eyes, I held a pint of beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. This was my way of coping. This was how I handled things 4 years ago. Gulping down that pint only to order two more. That way I wouldn’t have to wait on the waiter to bring me another. As I chain smoked, I attempted … Continue reading

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