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Home for the Holidays…..

After ten long years this is my first year that I will be able to spend every holiday with my family. I am truly grateful for that, but at the same time I cannot help but think of those who are not able to be with their families through the holiday season, specifically those who are deployed in a hostile war environment. My heart goes out to you guys, and … Continue reading

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Relaxing Time…..

Continuing on from yesterday's topic, finding balance, it is important but part of that is taking the time to relax. I always have to remind myself to relax. Being in the military, and you guys will know what I'm talking about, you are constantly striving for the next level in all you do. Coming back into the civilian side of things it isn't any different for me. I always want to do my … Continue reading

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Finding balance

I think the hardest thing that I have noticed is finding balance. Of course at this point is my life it is very different than where I was 6 years ago, but finding balance even after we first got back from Iraq I found to be incredibly difficult. I was a very easy going care free hippy until I went to Iraq, not saying that I regret it, but the way … Continue reading

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Hello and welcome!

Hello everyone and welcome to our blog designed as a safe place for Veterans to go and share their stores….. My name is Tracy Turner, and I am a native of Piqua, Ohio, born on May 4th 1983. I was born at Wright Patterson Airforce base in Dayton Ohio, so the military has been in my blood from the beginning. I graduated high school in 2001 from Indian Lake High … Continue reading

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Allow me to introduce myself

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My fellow service members and those who support us, It is my honor to introduce OperationIV's Combat Blog and myself to you. My name is 1SG (Ret) Leo A. Levesque III. I have been asked to serve in support of this great organization, OperationI.V. I was introduced to the founder and Executive Director Roxann Abrams a few months back. Since that time I increasingly become involved and was asked to serve on the Avisory Board and Honory … Continue reading

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