Kristofer Goldsmith



Legislative Director
Student, Engineering Science

Army Veteran

Kristofer Goldsmith served as the Forward Observer for SFC Randy Abrams' platoon during Operation Iraqi Freedom III.  As a lower enlisted soldier during the deployment in 2005, Kris always knew (then) SSG Abrams to be the best kind of noncommissioned officer! Abrams always treated his soldiers with respect and did everything he could to protect the men below him. Throughout the year long deployment, Abrams and Goldsmith went on hundreds of patrols together.

Since surviving a suicide attempt in the summer of 2007, Goldsmith has been a passionate advocate for returning Veterans to get the care that they need in order to readjust to life at the end of a deployment.  He understands all too well the pain and suffering that many of our nation's bravest endure after experiencing war.  As the Legislative Director for Operation I.V., Kris works to engage with elected officials to urge them to support veteran friendly programs, all with the ultimate goal of saving lives.

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