Light Bulb Moment

PTSD and Yoga

During my past few visits to the chiropractor, I had a little light bulb go off within my head. I now have a new perspective about going to the chiropractor, what it takes to become healthy again, and how to become healthy. I also learned, believe it or not, how to manage my PTSD more effectively.

As I mentioned before I left the Army with quite a few physical limitations. In fact what started as a knee injury quickly turned into a lower back injury, which has now also led to my hips being out of alignment. After years of physical therapy, stretching and exercising I needed to try something else. That something new for me was going to see a chiropractor. I actually purchased my first treatment session on Groupon, which I love by the way, and came with an adjustment, x-rays, and a 30 minutes massage. This was all for $40.00, so I was beyond excited!!

In any case the chiropractor, Dr. Moore, was explaining to me how the treatment works, and how their goal is for my body to be able to eventually heal itself. I loved this concept, and loved even more that that was a philosophy that they lived by. He then explained that the way to do that is to take the proper steps. This is not something I’m good at. I see the end result and I lunge toward it, skipping if not jumping to the steps ahead. But in order to heal properly proper steps must be taken. Two months ago I started my workout routine that consisted of calisthenics running and swimming, along with planking. The calisthenics included my physical therapy exercises, which were to strengthen my muscles to put my hip back in place and correct the injury my lumbar spine. This didn’t work. Although I didn’t jump ahead to any steps this time, I actually attempted to do what the physical therapist instructed me to do; this wasn’t the proper step I needed in order to heal properly. I had to first and foremost be structurally correct in order for everything else to also align properly.

This is true for PTSD recovery as well. Although you may be guided in a certain direction as far as what type of treatment you need, only you will know if it is right for you. The biggest epiphany I had though, while at the chiropractic clinic, was that healing takes time no matter what the ailment. It is important to remember that, and to remember to give yourself the necessary time to heal. If treatment is rushed, or proper steps are not taken then the structure is not put into place correctly, and the healing could never essentially begin.

~Tracy Turner

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