Looking for answers from those who understand

I have visited your website site in the past, but your Easter Egg Hunt from facebook really had me exploring it! I love what you are doing!

My husband served in Iraq, and like many of his brothers, suffers from PTSD. I am writing to you because I feel like I have nowhere else to turn to. He was getting counseling at the Vet Center but had to stop when he started working since they are only open Mon-Fri and he works 7:30- at least 6 daily. We have been down this path many times in the past 8 years and I feel like he is a time bomb about to explode. He has a high stress job and our marriage is on the rocks. The only reason I have not left yet is because I do love him, we have 4 kids, and he has been suicidal in the past and as always threatened to do something "stupid and crazy" if I left. I keep trying to suck it up and deal with it but its so hard because whenever I tell him his anger, rage, lack of emotion and misery is ruining everyone around he blames it on his job and PTSD. He refuses to take medication and has too much pride to seek help. We tried counseling through our church and he pretends like everything is just great.

I see some of his friends contacting you taking a stand with you to do things about his PTSD. I was wondering 2 things, 1) do you guys have any kinds of "retreats" or reunions where these guys that have served together can come together and support one another. I know when my husband went to DC in support of one of his buddy’s he was so happy and motivated to do something about his PTSD, and as time when on he got less motivated.

Looking for Answers from others who understand….

Wife of a vet with PTSD

These guys serve together, build a relationship like brothers and only see each other thru Facebook  and of course everyone is doing great on a computer screen. I think it would really help the ones suffering to reconnect and have someone to talk to. Their are things my husband went thru that I know he will never talk about and I think being around his brothers on occasion will bring a sense of "Normal" and peace. I know their are certain times of year that he he really struggles, memorial day is the worst, and on several times of year on the anniversaries of some of his friends deaths, Randy’s  included.

Do you have any kind of support or programs for spouses and families? It is so hard to find and I feel like we are the ones that suffer alongside of our Combat Vets silently. After speaking with other spouses that I have randomly run into at the VA or just in groups of friends, many of us have been pushed to the brink of emotional and mental breakdown and we have no one to turn to, our friends and families don't understand what we are going thru. I know you guys have a veteran Buddy system but do you know of anything for spouses?

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