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Operation IV PTSD Blog needs help

At Operation:I.V. we are determined to save lives and make life better for our Combat Veterans! We need to get the word out there about the real issues that our Combat Vets with PTSD and TBI experience, and what it really takes to help them and how we are doing just that!

In order to do this we really really need your help!!

The following 3 things are what we need from you to make this happen for our Nation’s Heroes. These five things will change everything for our Combat Veterans.

And here’s the catch. I need you all to not just do them once or twice, and not just do them for a week or two, but to actively remember to do them every week. It’s the only way this will work:

1) Click like on the Facebook LINKS to our blog articles and posts as often as see them. If you enjoyed the content, click the “like” button. Please. Let us know what you would like us to write about and we will!

2) Leave a comment on all of our Facebook LINKS to our blog posts

3) Hover over the Facebook “Like” button on our  Facebook page and click “Get Notifications.” Please. This will make any new links I post show up as notifications for you on Facebook and you won’t miss the links. And just as importantly… If we work together, Operation:I.V. will become very well known quickly and able to help many many Combat Veterans!

Facebook-broken-300x274One of the problems is that almost everyone thinks everyone else will do it and they are not needed. I am here to tell you that YOU are important to us! And we need YOU to be the vigilant one, and to click the “like” button, and to leave the comments. So, if you want to see links to our posts, you need to click “like” on them as often as possible. “Likes” matter more than probably anything right now. If you like something you see, Facebook believes other people will want to see it as well. So please, start using the “like” button with wild abandon to help us keep this thing alive.

Please jump on board and help us get going in this going in a really really big way for our Combat Vets. I hope our posts and blog content has been engaging for you. If not, we want to know so we can change that. We want an amazing blog, memes and other posts — with your help we can make sure that happens! In fact, We LOVE what we have here. It is growing into something awesome, and amazing!! If we work together, it means higher quality posts and articles from us.


Also, comments on Facebook are nearly as valuable as likes. Sometimes on blogs or pages people feel like their comments disappear. We actually read ALL of them. But even if you just write “awesome!” or “I disagree!” or “this is quite honestly the best posts or comments. Commenting and commenting often will make a HUGE difference. So please, start commenting on the Facebook posts and links to our blog posts. Do this with wild abandon to help us  spread this thing like the Flu epidemic!!


That’s all. I don’t want money from you. I don’t want anything else. Just likes, shares, and interaction so that Facebook shows my links to others. As long as I don’t disappear within Facebook, Operation:I.V. will go back to what it was and it will be just fine.

And whether you’re a Facebooker or not, there are other ways you can help. You can always subscribe to the blog by email so that you don’t miss posts.

You can share our links a lot more often if you enjoyed my blog posts on other social media platforms that you do participate in. That’s *super* helpful too! And we do mean super super helpful.


You can set the Operation:I.V. home page as your home page.


Good quality, well thought-out (with the help of you!) content. We are always looking for blog contributing authors for our Combat Veterans blog as well as our Family Support blog. Will you please commit to helping us with this long term? Will you commit to helping us save our site? Please.


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  1. have you guys noticed the changes?

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