SFC Robert Compton

431278_374931412577677_1760719329_nUS Army, Active Duty

Sergeant First Class Robert Compton served with his friend SFC Randy Abrams, the fallen soldier who inspired Operation: I.V.

Compton is a career soldier serving in the US Army, Infantry Division. He has deployed to Iraq on four different tours since 2003, serving three of the four tours with friend and fellow soldier, SFC Abrams. He personally has and is experiencing many of the "invisible" injuries, both physical and emotional, that most of our combat soldiers are presently suffering from. He is currently deployed to Korea, expected to return in the summer of 2013.

Robert is involved with Operation: I.V. to honor his friend and to facilitate the care that returning soldiers need and are not receiving. Having been to war himself, he understands all too well the needs of our returning soldiers. He believes wholeheartedly in the treatment programs Operation: I.V. is offering to returning soldiers. His goal is to spread the word about Operation: I.V. among Soldiers, both active duty and veterans, in hopes that more of them will be able to receive successful treatments offered by Operation: I.V. for both PTSD and TBIs. He hopes that the private care organizations providing services through this organization will help to restore quality of life for our combat veterans returning home after serving their country.


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