Traci Ramirez

Traci Ramirez

Business Owner
Army Veteran

Ms. Ramirez is a high school friend of SFC Randy Abrams, the soldier this organization is created in memory of. They attended Arlington High School in Riverside, CA together and met in the Air Force JROTC program. They both had dreams of serving in the military. In addition to ROTC, Ms. Ramirez was also involved in wrestling & swimming in high school, and graduated from high school a year early. Upon graduating from high school, Ms. Ramirez entered the US Army as an Air Traffic Controller. She went on to serve in the US Army Reserves after the birth of her daughter. She served our country for a total of 8 years, in both active duty and reserves.

Community Volunteer
Ms. Ramirez volunteers in the Children's Ministry and upper leadership of her church. Having graduated from pastoral training in 2007, she is also a licensed Minister. Ms. Ramirez has also served as a Staff Member at Church Camp for the past 8 years. Traci is currently on the board of "The American Legion" and is serving as President of "American Legion Riders" in addition to her service on the board of Operation: I.V., Inc.

When she was asked to become a board member of Operation: I.V., Inc., she readily agreed, excited to become part of an organization that would address a real issue close to her heart. PTSD in veterans "is grossly overlooked and swept under the rug".  Traci feels that “the senselessness death of my friend is tragic, and countless others like his, should cause all of us to be the voice of opposition against PTSD and TBIs being ignored and not properly treated by our US Military." She is proud to be part of an organization that is creating "successful transitions for our combat veterans."

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