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Traumatic Brain Injury - TBI

What is a TBI?

When an individual suffers a TBI, the brain can be injured in a number of different of ways. For example, the brain may be shaken within the skull causing bruises (also called contusions) to form at the sites of impact.

Brain injury can occur even when there is no direct blow to the head, such as when a person suffers whiplash. When the head is rapidly accelerated and decelerated, as in an automobile accident, twisting or rotational forces may stretch and even sever long-range connecting fibers in the brain. Damage to these fibers disrupts communication between nerve cells, and thereby reduces the efficiency of widespread brain networks. Damage to blood vessels surrounding the brain is another common source of injury, causing bleeding between the brain and skull.

Exposure to rapid pressure changes, such as the overpressurization and underpressurization waves that accompany explosions, can also cause damage to the brain. These pressure shifts induce air bubbles to form in the bloodstream, which can then travel to the brain and interrupt its blood supply. TBI and PTSD usually go together. PTSD patients should also be treated for TBI simultaneously. Untreated or improperly treated TBI's and PTSD is the reason for our Returning Combat Suicides! Learn more about Military PTSD Suicide here>> 

As you will learn in the video below, a TBI can seriously interrupt a personís normal thought processes and significantly interfere with oneís ability to heal from PTSD. These are the same processes that allow us to properly perceive our surroundings and to self-soothe. When those thought processes are interrupted, the interruption can easily cause people to act irrationally, to the point of suicide.

22 Combat Veteran Suicides per day, in late 2013, is the current statistics being reported by the Department of Defense.† More soldiers have died as a result of taking their own lives than by actually fighting in the Iraq/Afghanistan wars!

Because TBIís and PTSD are so closely linked, itís optimal to treat them together. As result our VIP program provides 80 HBOT treatments to each enrolled Combat Veteran. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is used regularly to treat a wide assortment of other medical conditions, including wound healing.† TBIís are damaged brain cells, and therefore considered a physical wound .

Take a look at how Judge Pat Maney, a retired Army Reserve Brigadier General, was affected by a TBI, and how HBOT treatment he received put him back on the bench!

Lt. Matt Smothermon (now Captain) has also experienced amazing results after HBOT treatment for his TBI, recently returning to law school! See for yourself below:

Our program, Veteran Intervention Plan (VIP), includes 80 HBOT treatments and 2 brain scans for every Combat Veteran!

As you just heard above, HBOT has the ability to dramatically improve quality of life for many TBI-sufferers. At Operation:I.V. we believe it is imperative that soldiers suffering from TBI's be treated in conjunction with PTSD. They need the best fighting chance we can offer so they can recover and go on to successfully transition back into their families and society.

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