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You served us now itís our turn to serve you!

Active Duty and Separated Iraq & Afghanistan Combat Veterans experiencing  PTSD and/or TBI are eligible for VIP. Your information will be kept confidential and will only be used for our VIP program.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you an expected wait time for your treatment to begin. We do know you need help right now. We rely solely on donations and grant funding to provide your treatment. You can avoid the waiting list if you or your family and friends choose to fundraise on your behalf. We do have a Volunteer Fundraising program to assist you.  All donations made to us on your behalf area tax deductible for the donor and will be used exclusively for your treatment services.

VIP is a comprehensive treatment program that includes the needed services to promote your healing and management of your PTSD and TBI. ALL treatment services listed on the VIP page are part of the VIP treatment program. All treatment services are required and none are available individually. Please review our VIP page very carefully.

When you come to the top of our waiting list a Case Manager will call you. Please be prepared to provide your Driver’s License (or other government-issued ID), Military ID (if you are active duty), or your DD214 (Veteran). Your case manager will email you a VIP enrollment application. This is an extensive and very detailed application that requires in-depth descriptions of your military service and medical history. It is a good idea to ask a loved one who knows you well and has access to your records to help you. We realize this is a lengthy process and appreciate your patience in doing this. This information is absolutely necessary in providing you with effective, individualized treatment. You will only be required to do this one time, we promise. Once your completed application is received, we will verify your Military service. Upon verification, your VIP treatment will begin.

Upon acceptance into VIP, you will be assigned someone that will assist you, a VIP Squad Advisor, to help you through your treatment program. This person is either an active duty military member or veteran who has also been to combat. We believe it is important that the people assisting you truly understand what you have been through (and are still dealing with) in all aspects of your life.

We are glad you are seeking help and are happy youíve chose Operation:I.V. to assist you on your road to recovery! Please remember that PTSD is a healthy, normal response to what you have experienced. Psychopaths and murderers donít have flashbacks!

If you are currently Active Duty or are a Veteran who is in an emotionally stable place and would like to volunteer to become a VIP Squad Advisor, click here.

YOUR information is NEVER shared with anyone except those necessary to enroll you in this program!

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