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VIP Squad

This is a unique Specialized Treatment Program designed specifically for PTSD Combat Veterans. This confidential treatment plan includes both traditional and non-pharmaceutical treatments in each enrollee’s local community, utilizing local qualified professionals.  In combination, these treatments create a synergistic environment for the Combat Soldier suffering from PTSD and TBI promoting a Successful Transition back into our American society! We are currently accepting VIP Program Provider applications.

VIP Services Complete the PuzzleVIP is the only multi-faceted, comprehensive treatment program for Combat Veterans with PTSD and TBI.  It consists of ALL the following confidential services:

  • PTSD Service Dog
  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Individual Talk Therapy
  • Vet–2–Vet Group Therapy 
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Alternative Anxiety Reduction Treatments
  • Spiritual Connection
  • VIP Squad Advisor
  • Educational Assistance
  • Business Mentoring
  • Give Back

Upon returning from the battlefield, soldiers have many needs—both physical and emotional. They experience challenges adjusting in all areas of daily life at home. These challenges include the soldier's need for personal safety and well-being, strained parent/child and spousal relationships, work or unemployment stress, and difficulty adjusting to normal, everyday activities. The stress of these adjustments in the midst of experiencing combat PTSD is crushing for these soldiers and often causes them to take their own lives, commit acts of domestic violence, or plunge into the depths of alcoholism and drug dependency. This very complex problem requires an innovative solution. The answer is VIP!

By properly treating Combat Veteran PTSD and TBIs (both physical and emotional) and guiding them with continued personal "hands on" support through the rest of their transition, Combat Veterans can go on to lead healthy and successful lives. Because the VIP's directives are broad-based, individualized, simultaneous, and continuous, substantial positive results can be realized quickly and with sustaining results, see VIP Program Policies.

We do not charge soldiers or their families for VIP services rendered. Services are provided based on funds availability. The organization relies solely on public and private donations, as well as grant funding. If at the time a Combat Veteran wishes to enroll in VIP there is a waiting list for services, his/her family and friends may choose to fundraise on their behalf through our Volunteer Fundraising Program.

VIP Squad

VIP is is the only program of its kind! This program giving our returning troops a fighting chance to avoid suicide, recover both physically and emotionally, and go on to live a healthy, productive life!
All VIP services are free to enrolled VIP soldiers, paid for by generous partner donations.

Operation: IV - Veterans VIP Services

PTSD Service Dogs

This is the first and most urgent step in this program. If our Soldiers aren't alive, they can’t participate in any treatment plan. Service dogs are trained to detect the onset of PTSD anxiety escalations or flashbacks—alerting the Soldier (while awake or asleep) to their unrest, and helping to quell their anxiety. These escalations in anxiety or onset of flashbacks is what spur their suicides.

Medical Treatments

Medications / TBI treatments / Talk therapy / Alternative anxiety reducing methods

When administered together as part of a personalized treatment plan, these broad-based successful treatments are instrumental in the recovery of returning veterans suffering from PTSD/TBIs. With the help of private medical professionals across the country, our nation's heroes will get the treatments they need to recover from the traumas of combat! The video in this section is presented by a professional who has multiple certifications: Certified Professional PTSD Coach, Certified Hypnotist, and Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programmer.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

For over 20 years, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been used to speed surgical recovery and effectively heal various physical wounds.  In the last few years, HBOT experts have found this form of therapy to be highly successful in treating TBIs (traumatic brain injuries) in Combat Veterans.

Listen to what Lt. Matt Smothermon has to say about his TBI injury from Afghanistan in 2011, and the healing he received from HBOT treatments.

Spiritual Connection

It is well-documented that a spiritual connection helps people reduce the amount of stress and anxiety they are feeling. Because PTSD is an anxiety disorder, a good spiritual connection will significantly aid affected PTSD/TBI Veterans in their recovery. A local volunteer of the Veteran's faith will be available to foster his/her spiritual connection.

VIP Squad

VIP Squad Advisors and Community Volunteers

Squad Advisors are Veterans or Active Duty Military who volunteer in their local area to assist VIP enrolled Vets in getting to their treatment appointments and avoiding social isolation.

Community Volunteers are volunteers who help their local VIP Veterans to avoid social isolation through our Be a Friend program.

VIP Squad

Employment Retraining into a New Low Stress Lucrative Career

Avoiding high levels of stress is very important during recovery from PTSD and TBIs. There is no shortage of employers interested in hiring veterans. However, some employers hesitate because applicants seem emotionally incapable of dealing with the stresses of a traditional work environment. Combat Veterans often need training to transfer their Military skills into positions that are a great fit for them in the private sector.

We assist discharged Combat Veterans in identifying lucrative professions that are of interest to them and are a suitable match for their stress level capabilities. We also assist Active Duty iin reassignment and retraining. We incorporate the GI Bill and private funding to assist VIP enrollees with the financial costs of retraining.

VIP Squad

Job Search Assistance

Lucrative gainful employment is an important component in successfully managing PTSD. Moving forward with an exciting new career furthers the PTSD healing process and helps a Combat Veteran feel positive towards reintegrating into society.  There are a multitude of employers who would love nothing more than to hire a stable Combat Veteran who is able to handle the demands of the job, physically and emotionally.

VIP Squad

Give Back

Giving back to others after a trauma or tragedy is also a very important component of healing. A successful graduate of VIP can come full circle and complete his/her healing by becoming a VIP Squad Advisor and giving back to fellow Veterans during their second year of their treatment.

Operation:I.V., Inc is a 501c3 tax exempt organization founded to provide effective treatment services to Combat Veterans effected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. Your generous donations are tax deductible.

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Together we can help bring "peace" back to the Men and Women who are suffering with PTSD. They deserve help and without yours, they may never get it! Give of yourself, your time, your profession or your finances. A gift of $100 is suggested.

Operation:I.V., Inc is a 501c3 tax exempt organization founded to provide effective treatment services to Combat Veterans effected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. Your generous donations are tax deductible.

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