► Box Fan and Rain Sounds for Sleeping with NO THUNDER, 10 hours of Fan White Noise and Rain 4k

Sleep Like a Rock With the Perfect Mattress

Most of us take our mattress for granted. However, a new bed support system can foster better sleep, reduce back pain, and improve bedroom air quality. Exploring new options can be a revelation for those not familiar with technological advances in the industry.

The Secret Guide To Get Your Best Night’s Sleep

Are you looking for ways to get the best sleep? Check out this ultimate guide on how you can get the best sleep throughout the night.

Sleep Vitamins: Vitamin A is a Proven a Beneficial Remedy

Which vitamins and minerals are the most famous ones for their role in supporting good sleep? These definitely would be calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. For example, a study in the European Neurology Journal tested calcium levels in the blood during sleep and discovered that calcium peaks at a high point during the deepest levels of sleep such as the rapid eye movement phase (REM), when dreaming occurs.

How Important Is Sleep?

This article explains some of the dangers of too little sleep. It notes recommended hours of sleep and a clever test to see if you are getting enough sleep.

Night Terrors in Adults – With 4 Ideas to Eliminate Them

Night terrors can be a real problem for some people because we need sleep. Discover what causes them and 4 ideas to eliminate them.

What Causes Snoring (And Can It Be Prevented)?

Snoring is annoying when your significant other is doing it right beside you while you’re trying to sleep, but it can also be dangerous. Here are the various causes of snoring and some techniques you can use to prevent it for you or someone you love.

Four Different Mattress Options to Consider

Contrary to what some may believe, there are more than one or two mattress bedding options. Many alternatives are available to satisfy almost any potential customer.

Seven Ways How Sleep Affects Our Weight

Majority of us are well aware of the fact that sleep deficit makes us overweight and obese. We spend 33% of our lives asleep but we rarely give it a moment’s notice until we are unable to sleep. Sleep experts across the board agree that most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night, of course with few exceptions, for optimum performance, health and safety.

Awake Again? How to Naturally Get Back to Sleep at Night

Feelings such as anger, frustration, disappointment, and anxiety keep sleep away at night, while feelings of safety, trust, love, and security invite sleep in. For someone with a history of sleep difficulties, the simple act of waking up at night can generate a whole host of negative emotions which can prevent the person from getting back to sleep. Read on to learn how to release these emotions that keep sleep at bay and replace them with emotions that allow sleep to happen fast.

How to Find the Mattress of Your Dreams

With so many mattress options out there, where do you even start? We help break down the options to help you find one you’ll love.

Trouble Sleeping At Night – Try Zero Gravity

An introduction to sleeping in modern adjustable beds. Zero gravity, it’s not just for astronauts!

CPAP Machines – Enjoy Comfortable, Safe Sleep

CPAP machines have a motor which sucks in air at room temperature and applies the required amount of pressure to the air to ensure that your airway does not collapse. A filter is fitted on the inlet of the machine which keeps out unwanted particles. The motor produces minimum noise when in use and will therefore not interrupt the sleep of others in the room.

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