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Sleep Disorders and Indoor Air Pollution: Is There A Link?

Fortunately, the answer appears to be ‘yes’. Sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, twitching, and snoring affect millions of people every day. Until now, sleep disorder causes have been primarily focused on abnormalities or malfunctions in the body, genetic causes, and obesity. However, as people are finding varying degrees of relief from sleep disorders by…

What Is Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a sleep disorder that involves a significant decrease or complete cessation of airflow while sleeping. It is the most common type of sleep disorder.

Improve Your Life Expectancy Dramatically: It All Starts in the Land of Nod

Have you ever wandered what age you will live to? Here`s a powerful guide on the reaons why we all need to start sleeping better. Not just for now, but for the benefit of our whole lives.

CPAP Masks: Why You Need To Buy Them Carefully

When recommended CPAP or Continuous Positive Air Pressure therapy for the first time, most users get desperate to have more information about the CPAP masks, more than anything else. This therapy has been recognized as one of the most effective therapeutic options for the management of mild to moderate sleep apnea. What makes this particular item the most-discussed item in the equipment set?

Sleeping Problems and Ways You Can Banish Them

All of us have experienced what it is like to lie awake in the middle of night, tossing, turning, and finding it hard to sleep. When we experience this, we usually have a terrible start to our morning and it follows us throughout the day as we go about our work and activities.

To Live Better Means To Sleep Better

When people tell you that you “need some sleep” most of us will just brush it off and think nothing of it – there is a good reason, however, to take heed when you think you need to get some more sleep! In order to get a good rest and wake up spontaneously, feeling refreshed and ready to go, you need to get at least 7 hours of sleep. As a matter of fact, people who have problems with insomnia have a 45% greater chance of a heart attack.

Overcoming Insomnia Can Be Easier Than You Think

A lot of people believe that overcoming insomnia is going to prove to be difficult and one major problem is they actually get frustrated at the entire situation and this will only ever lead to making the entire problem worse. Instead, it is much more beneficial to the sufferer to take some time looking at ways to treat the condition and there are a number of methods that have indeed worked for other people. One of the first things you need to do is actually look at establishing a regular sleep pattern.

Are Your Family Members Bothered By Your Loud Snoring? Achieve Quiet Sleep With These Handy Tips

Loud Snoring can be rather annoying, and it affects million of people all over the world. While snoring is just a nuisance for some people, for others it is symptomatic of a serious health condition. You can use this advice if you want to keep yourself or someone around you from snoring.

An Overview of Snoring

Many people are looking for snoring solutions, but it’s important to know about this problem first. This problem jeopardizes sleep. Poor sleep resulting from snoring leads to fatigue and drowsiness during the daytime. Sleep disruptions at night due to snoring and sleep apnea may spawn other health problems. Before it gets any worse, consult a doctor regarding your snoring problem.

The Benefits of Starting School Later for Teenagers

There have been an increasing number of studies that support the idea that starting school later offers many benefits for teenagers. Schools around the country are changing their schedules to accommodate the students. The sleeping resources currently available offer information on how getting a good night’s sleep improves health and also academic performance.

How to Sleep 4 Hours a Day And Love It! The Everyman Sleep Cycle

I’ve started off on an unconventional sleep pattern. It’s recognized variously on numerous websites as the “uberman” sleep cycle, polyphasic sleep, or “everyman sleep cycle.” It sounds crazy, but if it truly does work, I’ll have gained roughly 28 extra hours weekly.

Effective Ways to Deal With Bad Dreams and Nightmares

Bad dreams and nightmares can seriously affect our life, make us wakeup distressed and anxious and cause us to become apprehensive about going to bed at night. Let’s look at some effective ways to address this problem.

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