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Diagnosis And Symptoms Of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA)

One of the major side effects of regular nocturnal snoring results in many people is sleep apnea. It is defined as the cessation of regular airflow while asleep due to an obstruction in the respiratory track. These pauses in normal breathing become a clinical issue when the pauses become frequent and longer than 10 seconds. Usually, it is considered a health hazard if the pauses are more than 10 times within an hour.

Why Are Road Accidents Linked To Snoring?

Of all the road accidents that take place, 16% of them are due to driver fatigue and drowsiness while driving. There is growing awareness about the hidden link of snoring and sleep deprivation that leads to daytime drowsiness leading to accidents and mishaps at work and at home.

The Main Health Benefit of Sleep: Longevity

There are many benefits to getting regular high quality sleep. Of these, the most significant benefit is likely to be increased longevity. That is, getting better sleep can make you live longer.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Let’s discuss how to get sustainable good sleep.  Let me preface this by first saying if you’re exhausted and overtired, you should see your medical professional and get help.

Perfect Solutions To Get Rid Of Snoring Issues With Best Anti Snoring Sprays

The main cause of snoring is due to the obstruction of the movement of air through the respiratory structures while breathing when a person sleeps. The vibration of the respiratory structures causes the snoring sound.

Ways of Falling Asleep Quickly

Life is too precious to waste on simply trying to fall asleep. While sleep is an important and enjoyable experience, not being able to sleep quickly and effectively can be painful.

What Is the Purpose of Sleep?

Sleep is one of the most important physical and psychological processes that humans undergo on a regular basis. This includes NREM and REM sleep stages.

5 Ways to Ensure a Good Night’s Sleep

When I came home from the hospital after surviving a nearly fatal case of meningitis, my doctor told me that the first step to full recovery was to “guard your sleep-cycle jealously”. I had no idea what he meant. Even a doctor needs a doctor and I am no exception.

What Are Dreams? When Do Dreams Occur?

All humans, most mammals and some bird species dream, but why is this? Find out more about why we dream and how dream have been interpreted over the years.

The CPAP Machine – What Are CPAP Machines and How Do They Work?

A CPAP machine is a device that blows continuous positive air pressure into the airways to allow for easier breathing during sleep. Sleep apnea and OSA patients can benefit from the use of a CPAP machine.

The Importance of Sleep When Buying a Bed

When buying a new bed you need to be aware of the critical part sleep plays in your body’s daily recovery process. It is while you are asleep that your body regenerates and recovers from the day’s activity and stress, and it is important to have a quality bed to ensure you rest and recover.

Permanent Insomnia Relief

Insomnia Relief so that you can experience a night of peaceful, fulfilling sleep. Need some ideas for how to enjoy higher quality sleep and ways to fall asleep more quickly? Insomnia Relief is crucial for sustaining a productive and rewarding life, and can dramatically improve your lifestyle.

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