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Can You Use Hypnosis to Fall Asleep?

The quick answer to the question “can you use hypnosis to fall asleep?” is a resounding yes! Hypnosis helps you to get into a relaxed state and that makes it easier for you to fall asleep.

Chronic Fatigue Part 8: Sleep Habits

Does how much you relax or manage your stress during the day affect how well you sleep at night? It turns out that these two factors can be related for many who don’t find quality sleep at bedtime.

How to Fall Asleep Fast and Stay Asleep

Falling asleep fast is a good skill to learn. But if all that happens is you wake up again in the middle of the night and then spend hours trying to count sheep and fall back to sleep, that’s not good news. Here are some ideas to help you not only fall asleep fast – without drugs or medication – but stay asleep through the night.

Sleep Inducing Foods – Studies Show Potassium and Calcium Can Remedy Insomnia

According to the National Sleep Foundation, almost six out of ten Americans report having insomnia and sleep problems at least a few nights a week. Natural minerals such as potassium and calcium have been shown to have beneficial effects on the quality of sleep.

7 Good Ways to Get to Sleep Without Medication

Medical research indicates that sleep is very important for a good health. Depriving the body of enough sleep may increase the incidences of obesity and other heart infections. Similarly, it causes the skin to appear sallow.

Sleep Peacefully And Quietly By Using These Anti-Snoring Tips

Snoring may be the sound that a lot of people make while they are sleeping, and several times they aren’t aware they can be performing it. Most people that do snore probably do not know it, unless their friends or significant others inform them. It may be an embarrassing problem, and it may be an indication of health issues. This information will provide useful tips on working with snoring.

When Stress Is Stealing Your Sleep

Well we all survived Monday. We dealt with the stress of tax day and the news of the bombing in Boston. Now we have to deal with the lingering stress. The problem with this is that it will keep your mind rushing and rob you of sleep. That in turn will cause you to be more tired and more stressed and so the vicious circle goes.

Help To Sleep Better – For Adults

Still experiencing the same insomnia symptoms you had in your teenage years? This article provides adults with great, effective tips for getting better sleep every night.

Insomnia Causes and Symptoms

If you are having trouble sleeping, even when you are very tired after a long day, then you are probably suffering from insomnia. This is a very common disorder that affects your mood, health and energy. Moreover, if you do not get a cure for insomnia soon enough, serious health problems can arise.

Tips on Getting a Great Nights Sleep

With the constant pressures and stress of every day life, getting a good night sleep can be much more difficult than it sounds. The National Sleep Foundation suggests that adults need at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. Only 30% of adults fare able to get at least 6 hours of sleep every night.

The Most Common Aspects That Cause Snoring

In every single family, snoring is regarded as just about the most troublesome issue. From the young to the old apparently everyone, no matter what age may have issues with snoring. Indisputably, partner and also teenagers are greatly impacted by this issue, they’ve got no other choice but to live it or perhaps let it get into their nerves.

7 False Beliefs About Sleep and Health

Most people take for granted a bunch of facts concerning sleep and health. Unfortunately, some of of these prove to be false. You’ll be amazed at how uneducated we are about these topics!

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