10.000 Fools at the biggest carnival procession in the french part of switzerland

About 10000 spectators, a little less than last year, saw the biggest carnival parade of the french switzerland in gobweinstein, in which more than 1000 fools in 44 groups took part, despite wind gusts and at times wet and cold drizzle. This was a record number of participants, since last year there were two groups less than last year.

However, this time there were more carnival groups, because the requirements for carnival floats are getting higher and higher. Tons of candy, popcorn, knockers, gumdrops and bananas flew into the crowd of onlookers from the again very original floats.

Your 40. The kohlsteiner, who as usual formed the end of the long carnival procession, celebrated the anniversary of the construction of their float and their participation in the procession. The kohlsteiner fools of the local black-yellow club had built this time freely after asterix and obelix an indomitable gallic village in franken, on which was written: "the spinna, the kohlstana".

The birthday cake with 40 burning electric candles was pulled by an ox in front of the gallic village of the kohlsteins. The end of the procession was formed by obelix with his menhir.

Prince and princess at the top

The gobweinstein prince and princess anna-lena I rode on the number 1 carriage at the zugspitze. And felix I. In a marchenschloss, built by the gartnerei wiedow , which was pulled in style by two schimmeln, which their hofnarr steered. In the front the music club of gobweinstein provided music for the atmosphere, then the many gardens of the carnival societies from gobweinstein, kuhlenfels, heiligenstadt and hiltpoltstein.

The kuhlenfels prince and princess also had a court jester with them for the first time in the form of andre polster. The fools from "asfold (oberailsfeld) had traveled to gobweinstein with a whole circus, preceded by a huge elephant.

"Sachsendorf flashes back, meant the sachsendorfer and geibelten with it the private flash service of the market gobweinstein. For ten years, the "gseer" have been making a name for themselves jesters (kleingesee) already went ape and jerked with a rough ape crowd at. For the first time, the village community "trewartz" took part with a huge campaign mobile of their pottenstein mayoral candidate christian weber. The real weber also rode along, but only a false acting burgermeister stefan fruhbeiber.

The "schmalzbrau"

Since 1960, the "schmalzbrau" has been a popular event brewed in gobweinstein. The recipe for the drink came from helmut zweck. Nobody knew that until now, the schmalzbraumeisters pointed out.

"The coronavirus can kiss our ass", meant the carnival friends of ahorntal, who participated with an isolation station. "Snails are supposed to be animals, now they rule in pottenstein", said a group on a motive wagon from pottenstein, on which a coarse broadband snail was built up. The wichsensteiner as schlotfeger brought the luck to gobweinstein, while donald trump of the "frankeneseln" brought the luck pottenstein "great again wants to make.

The "trubier" were there for the first time (obertrubacher), which had the bonpflicht geibelten and kostume from innumerable cash vouchers on. Also they had a trump with them, who went to the collar of the greta.

Circus fubgroup

"The scho widda" from gobweinstein came as a circus fubgroup. "Why so serious", said the "jokers from gobweinstein after the current movie of the same name. The madel group "VIP from pottenstein also took the sluggish broadband expansion by the company LEC (luder erbarn chilly) for a ride, just like the group "pink orange", who said: "higher, faster, wider – with supersonic to the total failure".

The women’s soccer team of the TSC pottenstein also had broadband expansion as a theme. The fools from hiltpoltstein were jerked with a correctional facility of the drunken enforcement. With their imaginative costumes, a coarse madel group as "crazy birds" had lots of fun during the carnival parade.

From turkelstein and etzdorf

The fools from turkelstein and etzdorf showed a heart for the farmers, had brought a party mobile and said that without farmers there would be no beer. Save not only the bees, but also the farmers, demanded the fools from morschreuth, who had dressed up as bees and farmers. The fools from heiligenstadt had brought their town snail with them. For the first time the rock band "phat janny’s house" from engelhardsberg participated with a car, the livemusic made. The buckenreuth baking team and the kreuzberger galliers also made their debut with a mobile bakery.

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