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Creating a Sleep Haven – Colours Can Help You Sleep

Colour has an incredible far reaching effect on our emotions; example, Orange is known to stimulate mental activity and Red represents power, drive, action and passion. When choosing a colour for your bedroom, therefore, it is not always wise to go with your favourite colour. If you have a colour that you really want to use, like purple, try…

Creating a Sleep Haven – Temperature and Humidity

The key to a really good night’s sleep is the correct temperature. The body needs to cool down to allow the core temperature of the internal organs, especially the heart and lungs, to slow their rate. This is why hot summer nights can make it so difficult to sleep. Cool, not cold, conditions are the best for good sleep and the ideal temperature should be between…

Stop Snoring for Better Sleep Quality and Life Performance

If you are one of people who snore and start to be disturbed by the snoring, there are things that may help you to reduce the snoring. You can visit physicians to get advice to stop snoring. You can also try stop-snoring exercise or using anti-snoring pillow.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Natural Sleep Remedies

If you are suffering from insomnia, there may other reasons for it like heart disease, menopause, hot flashes, lung disease, sleep apnea or depression. If that is the case then you may be prescribed medication or other treatment for the condition. Natural sleep remedies are a good way to prevent insomnia. The problem with sleeping pills is that they are addictive and make you groggy and have other side effects as well.

How I Got My Husband to Stop Snoring, So We Could Both Get a Good Night’s Sleep!

I’m sure my husband was starting to feel like it was impossible. And at times I had to wonder what on Earth I was thinking, being married to someone with this kind of problem. I loved most things about him, but not the snoring! Here’s how we solved the problem.

Potential of the Lucid Dreamer

It is well known that there are places and experiences a lucid dreamer can have, that go far beyond that of the normal waking state. As a lucid dreamer a person can travel to far off worlds, experience the past, fly and even look into the future. Anyone and everyone has the ability to become a lucid dreamer and it is probably much easier then you may think.

Sleep – Sensory Stimulation

Keeping outside influences, and reminders of the active daytime world, from creeping into your sleeping environment will go far to rest and relaxation. There are also ways you can create sense experiences and induce sleep, from introducing comfortable fabrics to using relaxing aroma is to centre the bedding and air, which can form a welcome contrast to the rest of your home and help coax the body into a state of deep relaxation.

Worse Effects of Lack of Sleep

Effects of lack of sleep are worse. You may not know how important the sleep is as said by health experts and holistic healers. Read on to learn about how harmful it is for the physical and mental state

How To Succeed In Life By Sleeping Less And Having More Energy

We all believe in the myth that we need to compulsorily sleep for seven to eight hours daily. This is not necessary at all. We should understand that the quality of our sleep is more important than the duration for which we sleep. Many people want to sleep less due to many reasons.

3 Top Tips to Prevent Snoring at Night Naturally

It seems that more and more people are affected by snoring these days. And more and more are looking for natural ways to stop snoring. So here are 3 simple natural tips to prevent snoring at night from ruining your health and relationship.

Exercises to Prevent Snoring – Try This Simple Exercise to Stop Snoring at Night

There are several ways to prevent snoring and exercising is just one of them. Here you’ll learn of one easy exercise that you can do to stop snoring at night.

How to Pick a Perfect Pillow?

A person spends approximately one third of their day and night in bed, sleeping. So, to have a comfortable sleep and rest for your head, you should make sure that your pillow is a perfect one. There are many types of pillows available in the market, so you can choose the best type of pillow which will give you the best night’s rest.

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