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How to Cure Sleep Apnea With Herbs

Apnea is a common, but potentially dangerous condition that involves the cessation of breathing while a person is at rest. Sleep apnea is a condition whereby a cessation of breathing that occurs during sleep lasts at least ten seconds and happens at least five times an hour. It is treated by changing sleep positions, humidifying the air, and nose drops with warm ghee.

Snoring Solutions – Complaints About Your Snoring

Is your partner nagging you about your snoring? Do you have a heavy snoring problem, and you are having trouble communicating with your partner about it? Here are some simple tips on how to deal with complaints about your snoring.

Snoring Solutions – Telling A Sensitive Partner That They Have A Snoring Problem

Some people can be sensitive and embarrassed about their snoring. How do you let your partner know gently that they have a problem with snoring, and that they are keeping you awake at night?

Stop Snoring – Find the Snoring Cure For You

Do you snore? Do you want to stop snoring today? Finding the correct snoring cure for you can improve your life and relationships. Some snoring cures are instant! Find out how to stop snoring today.

Sudden Causes of Snoring

If you’ve never had an issue with snoring before, and you are suddenly snoring, there could be several reasons for this. It’s important to find out why, and cure snoring as soon as possible.

Snoring People Are Seldom Awake

Did you know that most people snore? Even people who think they don’t snore are making the zzzzz’s at night. Find out the health risks and cures for snoring.

Insomnia – A Brief Overview

If you are reading this article, it can mean that you are also one of the majorities of world populations who is searching for information about a condition of habitual sleeplessness called insomnia. It is estimated that about 10 per cent of the population suffers from chronic insomnia and about 50 per cent of them are affected to a great extent. A person facing sleep problems finds trouble in getting sleep or sustaining a good sleep due to intermittent midnight waking up.

Insomnia Treatment – Do’s And Don’ts

It is a natural tendency of humans to opt for easy ways to do things. If you are fed up of sleepless nights and somehow wish to get a good sleep, there are chances that you will depend on sleeping pills for temporary relief. When there are lots of options in natural home remedies to help you feel better, it is not a wise decision to rely on sleep medications. It not only forms an addictive habit, but also costs you undesirable side effects like vomiting, dizziness, excessive sleep during normal waking hours and even intensifies any medical conditions, if present…

Snoring Remedies Reviewed Part 3

Snoring can be more cumbersome than one may think. There are health risks, and many would like to stop snoring. But, how do you know what the correct snoring cure is for you? I’m reviewing all the different snoring remedies.

Information for Patients Using Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen concentrators are used by patients in and out of hospitals as part of their treatment for respiratory disorders such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and others. They are a convenient, lighter and safer alternative to oxygen cylinders and they can be used both at home and on the go, thanks to the development of portable oxygen concentrators, which can be powered either by batteries or using the DC socket in cars or other vehicles. Oxygen concentrators are required to allow patients to get all the oxygen they need from the air.

Knowing The Culprits In Your Inability To Sleep

There are numerous studies that link sleep deprivation to cases ranging from obesity to depression. And the good thing is, with an adequate amount of sleep every night, these serious health problems can be reversed. But, there are times that people have a hard time shutting their eyes for a couple of hours making it hard to reverse the process.

Knowing Sleep and Stress

Mondays are the hardest to come by. You are faced with daunting tasks for the week and series of deadlines that you need to beat by the end of the day. But, there are more than just work that puts you under stress.

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