82-Year-old man overlooks tractor

There must have been quite a crash! On early friday evening there was a traffic accident between a tractor and a mercedes benz A-class on the B279, high hochstadten.

According to the ebern police, the 82-year-old driver of the mercedes overlooked a tractor driving in the same direction and hit the rear wheel of the tractor. The impact threw the 73-year-old tractor driver and his farm vehicle into the ditch, where the tractor remained in an inclined position. The car causing the accident also skidded due to the impact and came to a halt on the opposite lane of traffic.

High damage

The driver of the A-class tractor was slightly injured in the accident. During the accident investigation, the smell of alcohol was detected in the car. An alcohol test showed a value of more than 0.3 per mille. Due to the alcohol content, a blood sample had to be taken from the person responsible for the accident at the hospital in ebern.

The two vehicles, which caused damage of around 12,000 euros, had to be towed from the scene of the accident. For this purpose, the B279 was closed for a short time. In this context, the police praise the work of the volunteer fire department from eyrichshof, which took over the traffic management.

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