90 Kilometer fubmarsch: knetzgauer wallen again to gobweinstein

90 kilometer fubmarsch: knetzgauer wallen again to gobweinstein

Following a centuries-old tradition, the parish of knetzgau once again marches to gobweinstein on the third weekend after whitsun. For the seventh time, after an interruption of several decades, fub pilgrims and bus pilgrims set out on the 90-kilometer route from knetzgau to gobweinstein. The destination of the pilgrimage is the sacred center of french switzerland, where the triune god is venerated in the basilica of the holy trinity.
This year’s pilgrimage motto is "my time is in your hands"!". The pilgrimage will again be accompanied by several clergymen, who will also celebrate the services on the way and in gobweinstein.

Traditional barbecue evening

The gobweinstein pilgrimage starts on friday, 8. June, at 6 o’clock with the pilgrimage service in the parish church of knetzgau and goes on the first day via oberschleichach, kirchaich and priesendorf to stegaurach. In the steigerwald parish they spend the night and have the traditional barbecue, to which the friends from stegaurach are always invited.
On the second day of the pilgrimage, the route leads to pettstadt, along the rhine-main-danube canal and via altendorf on to drosendorf. The second pilgrimage service will be celebrated on saturday afternoon at the fube of the feuerstein. In the evening the pilgrims reach the castle feuerstein and spend the night there for the second time.
Early in the morning on sunday morning, the pilgrims set off for ebermannstadt and reach windischgaillenreuth around 8 o’clock. There the pilgrims are expected by the bus pilgrims from knetzgau, who have arrived later. After a short devotion at the chapel of the wolfel family and a hearty breakfast, the pilgrims continue together to gobweinstein.

Way home by bus

After 90 kilometers of march and the solemn entry under the sound of the basilica, the pilgrims want to celebrate the pilgrimage office with the bus pilgrims. The annual group photo with all pilgrims in front of the main entrance of the basilica follows.
In the afternoon the pilgrimage group prays the traditional way of the cross up to the mount of crosses, and after the sacramental blessing and a solemn marian devotion the way home is started by bus.
The pilgrims will arrive around 18.45 o’clock at the siechkapelle expected, move in knetzgau again to fub, and the final conclusion then finds the gobweinstein pilgrimage of this year in the knetzgauer parish church with the eucharistic final blessing.
The purpose of the pilgrimage, apart from the continuation of the old tradition, is not to be a "popular race with a religious sign" be but service on the way, retreat on the road. The organizers attach great importance to the unification of the club and bus pilgrimages and the joint organization of the pilgrimage sunday.

Prayer requests

Prayer requests can be placed in the prayer box in the parish church of knetzgau before the pilgrimage, because the pilgrimage also sees itself as a prayer for the concerns and needs of the entire parish community.
This year, the pilgrims from knetzgau will once again join the ranks of those who have been making the pilgrimage to gobweinstein for almost two and a half centuries.

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