A lot of fuss about flowerbeds

For years, locals and visitors coming to fridritt from the direction of munnerstadt were buried by an uninviting house in the pilgrims’ street. The building has now been restored by a young couple, but for some irritation has caused the plant in front of the house, because in part is touched city land. After some confusion, burgermeister helmut blank (CSU) has put forward a compromise proposal to resolve the matter. "When I drive in upstairs now, I have a super view", praises the head of the town. And it should stay that way.
The somewhat curious case was raised by the mayor at the most recent meeting of the building and environment committee. The "small problem the fact that a roughly five- to six-square-meter corner in front of the house does not belong to the new homeowner, but to the city, is a problem. He did not want to have the corner rebuilt and so blank suggested leasing it to the owner of the house, who would also have to bear the possible risks caused by the curb.

"Everything agreed"

Daniel veit is the new owner of the house. He has renovated the old building for himself and his partner susanne mattusch. The newspaper article gave the impression that he had unintentionally planted the flowerbeds in front of the house on city property, he says. "But that’s wrong, it was all agreed with the city councilor jurgen eckert", stresses daniel veit. However, the mayor believes that this was a misunderstanding.
"It was all neglected", the new owner recalls. Among the many problems was the fact that the building was not connected to the sewer system. The house has no basement, the sewer could not be laid deep, he explains. This is the reason why he has raised the discounts in front of the house, why the boundary stones protrude about 20 centimeters. This is to prevent the connection from freezing, he explains. This protruding edge right next to the road is the main reason for the discussions. There are fears that there could be problems with the winter service. The police had no problems with the rabbits during an inspection, says daniel veit.
This is confirmed by lothar manger, responsible for traffic at the police department of bad kissingen. He does, however, make one caveat: no tall plants were allowed to be planted. But that had been assured to him. The homeowner’s next problem was that the flowers he had ordered had already arrived at the dealer’s and now had to be planted urgently.

Burgermeister mediates

Helmut blank has intervened as a mediator in the incipient disagreements between daniel veit and the neighbors. His compromise proposal included that the owner dismantle a surveillance camera that neighbors have disturbed. Daniel veit has already done that. In return, he should be able to lease the city-owned land for a symbolic fee. But he is to lower a part of the rabbet stones. "I believe this decision is beneficial for all involved", says the mayor. He finds the redesign of the house and also the area in front of it very nice.

Sensitive topic

How sensitive this topic is, he has experienced at his own body. At the aforementioned building and environment committee meeting, he had described the city’s grounds as a "poorly maintained corner" not knowing that committed burghers have been struggling for years to get it done. The topic will probably be discussed in the building committee because of the leasing of the property. Environmental officer klaus schebler (neue wege) does not share the mayor’s opinion: "i don’t like it at all", he says.

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