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The intermunicipal alliance oberes werntal, of which oerlenbach is a member, is in the process of launching its own energy concept. The goal is to achieve the energy triad of "saving – increasing efficiency – generating" to look at the regional level and to work out concrete measures for the member municipalities. Stephan bruckner from the technical university of amberg-weiden, which commissioned the alliance, presented the details at a meeting of the alliance's board of directors.
"Change begins in the mind alliance manager eva braksiek and mayor siegfried erhard are sure of this, as they emphasized in their opening remarks. Every individual can contribute to energy savings with his or her behavior. It is important to involve the citizens of the upper wern valley in the energy concept. The alliance is supported by the wurzburg office for rural development, which is covering 75 percent of the 100,000 euro cost.

Possibilities of energy use
"Currently our work begins with the data collection of the "as-is" state, reported bruckner. "We include businesses and private households in the survey of municipal properties. Subsequently, both measures and possibilities for saving energy and increasing efficiency as well as potentials and approaches for the future expansion of renewable energies are recorded. We are working on eight of the ten werntal communities, after dittelbrunn and niederwerrn have already initiated separate concepts. The results of the survey will be incorporated into the alliance's energy concept during the course of the project. The aim of the energy concept is to draw up a concrete and implementation-oriented list of measures that will boost the activities already underway and identify further opportunities for energy use", the speaker made clear.
Bruckner used graphics from another region to illustrate the approach. The participants in the burgers' meeting were interested in the warmth register, which records the amount of warmth in each street heat requirement per meter and year. "This part will keep us busy for the next six months, together with the community facilities such as street lighting", bruckner continued and added: "in an overview, we will compare the actual state and the energy demand in order to clarify the savings potential and CO2 reduction."
Special attention to renewable energy sources with existing and potential for expansion. Existing solar and voltaic plants as well as biomass and wind power were taken into account and coordinated with specialist agencies such as forestry and agricultural offices.

Renovation and woodchips
"At the end there is a concrete catalog of measures including detailed projects. We can consider the renovation of municipal buildings with dams and heating systems, as well as central heating with wood chips, including the investment", said bruckner.
In response to a question from claudia landgraf, he explained that private heat registers are not compiled. A citizen survey is not required. Typical regional buildings were considered in order to stimulate exemplary m. "We need one year for the project", he informed in response to a question from michael bohl and added: "the alliance municipalities will receive 25,000 euros, which will be apportioned according to the distribution formula." Erhard added that the municipal council had already approved the project and that the expenses remained well below the estimate. The citizens were kept informed about the results of the investigations.

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