Apple defends itself: amazon’s ebook monopoly broken

Apple defends itself: amazon's ebook monopoly broken

"The launch of the ibooks store in 2010 challenged innovation and competition and broke amazon’s monopolistic control of the publishing industry," it continued. Since then, users had benefited from digital books with more interactive elements.

The U.S. Department of justice and several states had sued apple. They accuse the companies of having raised the prices for e-books through illegal agreements. Three publishers entered into a settlement, two others want to continue fighting alongside apple. They accuse amazon of trying to defend its dominant market position with extremely low prices until the launch of apple’s e-book platform.

If the justice department is successful, this could turn the american book market upside down: amazon then wants to sell e-books for 9.99 dollars again and could thus accelerate readers’ move away from more expensive printed books even more. The ministry of justice bases its accusations on internal e-mails and meetings between apple managers and publishers.

Apple emphasized that it had only allowed publishers to set their own prices, as is the case with iphone and ipad software. After the launch of apple’s bookshop, the publishers had also forced amazon into such a system, and the online retailer could no longer set the prices of e-books at will.

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