Augsburg celebrates: fourth-best ruck team hopes

augsburg celebrates: fourth-best ruck team hopes

Right, augsburg still in 16th place in the fubball bundesliga. But the auart trend is impressive. In the seven games after the winter break, FCA lost only once and is in fourth place in the league table – while bremen is fourth from last in the table.

"We are now finally rewarding ourselves for the work we do on the pitch," commented goalkeeper tobias werner (29).), who scored as in the first leg against werder: "we did not do that in the hinrunde."After nine points in the first 17 games, augsburg seemed to be on the direct way to league two. Now the third season in the elite class is within reach.

"We are very happy," said the reserved weinzierl, whose enthusiasm was not evident: "the three points are very important for us."His team held on to the payers "with luck and skill and heart". Two aluminum goals – that’s all werder had to offer.

The augsburger pulled the bremer with in the relegation fight. Werder still has a seven-point lead, but the trend is clearly downward. Five defeats since the winter break mean that the hanseatic team no longer has anything to do with the hoped-for fight for the european cup places and must look downwards.

FCA striker sascha molders is convinced that augsburg will stay in the league, "because we are a unit and because we have always said that we will give everything until the last game, until the last minute, to stay in the league.". That’s what currently separates augsburg from werder bremen.

"It’s unsatisfactory that we can’t make any improvement," commented coach thomas schaaf. Regarding the fans’ whistles in the final phase, the coach said: "you can’t expect to get applause for that"."For the third time in a row, werder will not make it to the internationals – unless there is a major soccer miracle. Instead, it’s all about staying in the league.

"It doesn’t matter to me at the moment," schaaf said in response to questions about the looming relegation battle: "my thoughts are not on the table."But maybe you should, because the figures speak for themselves.

"Individual class", weinzierl attested to the bremen players. Apart from the outstanding sokratis, however, none of the werder professionals showed it. "There are players here who have high expectations of themselves," manager thomas eichin complained: "they simply have to show that on the field. You have to perform differently in a home game."The successor to klaus allofs, who has experienced only defeats since his official start in the job, is facing difficult times.

He also now has to manage the discussion about the coach. "It always comes up when you lose three times in a row. That’s quite normal," said eichin and emphasized: "that’s not a discussion here at all at the moment." But it could become one.

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