Bka warns against terror on fubball fan miles

This was reported by BKA chief jorg ziercke to the federal and state interior ministers in a confidential meeting on friday, reports "spiegel online". Visitors to the spectacle had to be prepared for tighter security measures. On saturday evening the teams of borussia dortmund and bayern munchen will meet in the final in in london.

Ziercke spoke to the interior ministers of a "serious indication" spoken, hit it. However, similar indications had turned out to be wrong in the past. London has also been on alert for days after two suspected islamists murdered a british soldier on the street. In mid-april, three people were killed in a bomb attack on the boston marathon. More than 200 were injured.

Fan miles for public viewing have been set up in many german cities. Berlin police initially declined to comment on details of the security sweeps around the fan mile in the capital city. Bag checks, for example, are part of the routine at large events, said a police spokesman. "We move in berlin with the safety basically on a high level."

The organizer expects several tens of thousands of people on the berlin fan mile between the brandenburg gate and the victor’s hall. There are further fan miles in dortmund and munich.

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