Burghers criticize bickering in the council

Forchheim construction cranes dominate the city sky. Tens of millions of euros are being invested in the south, space is becoming tight and scarce, urban development is breathtaking, sometimes scary. This is how manfred mauser and paul nerb, the city councilors from the forchheim citizens’ forum (FBF), describe the feeling of life in the city.

In order to understand how the citizens see their own future under these circumstances, the burgerforum initiated a survey. It was under the heading "quo vadis forchheim?"

100 citizens were confronted with a questionnaire. The interviews were conducted by the FBF activists in the fubganger zone. 17 questions had to be answered. For example: do you want more houses and apartments to be built, or is the need already met?? Should more business and industry be attracted to the area? Support the rough projects rathausanierung, conversion of the kolpinghaus or redesign of the paradeplatz?

96 percent like to live here

The citizens were also asked about the condition of the roads and bridges, cleanliness, tourism, gastronomy and the condition of the cellar forest. The interviewees were also asked to say in person what they thought was good, what they thought was good about others.

Conclusion: 96 percent of respondents "like living in the city"; they want progress, support housing construction and major projects; they like tourism, but like the city center as a place to linger – and they want to have more green islands there.

In this survey, the citizens of burgenland are divided about the establishment of further industry; they are more satisfied with the cultural offerings and the cleanliness.

"What we find interesting about the personal details of the people of forchheim is that many of them would like to see more participation by the people of forchheim in the political process and that they are also fed up with the bickering in the city council", says paul nerb. Reduced to a few buzzwords, one could say "the citizens support progress – but not at the price of their quality of life", says paul nerb.

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