Green meadows in germany’s ski resorts

Green meadows in germany's ski resorts

The mild temperatures and strong storms at the beginning of the new year have made for green meadows. Ski slopes are closed, lifts are closed and athletes are switching from skis to hiking boots – for many tourists, the winter vacation at the start of the year has fallen through.

In the black forest, skiing enthusiasts only get their money’s worth at altitudes above 1000 meters. Only in the region around the feldberg there are still snow remnants. However, the strong wind is causing problems for winter sports enthusiasts there, says volker haselbacher from the upper black forest tourism and the lift association in freiburg. "There the spab holds itself in borders. In this weather, our guests prefer to go to the bathing paradise rather than to the slopes."All winter sports events planned for the coming days have been canceled.

In the northern black forest, only three cross-country ski trails are still groomed, "but they’re certainly no fun with the sticky snow," says wolfgang weiler of black forest tourism. But he is not giving up hope of snow: "last winter we had a great november and december – and in january it was over with the snow. Maybe this year it will be the other way round."

Auxiliary caregiver sentenced to life in prison for murder

Auxiliary caregiver sentenced to life in prison for murder

Grzegorz W. No expression when the court announces the verdict: life imprisonment for three counts of murder, special aggravation of guilt, preventive detention. Maximum sentence.

The small, heavy man accepts all this completely motionless – as uninvolved as he seemed throughout the entire trial. As if it were none of his business. The court finds that he is what the prosecution has called him: a serial killer who may have even more people on his conscience than the three he has now been convicted of murdering.

"Everyone knows from their own painful experience how painful it is to lose a loved one," says presiding judge elisabeth ehrl. In the murder cases, the mourners also found that their loved ones had "not fallen asleep peacefully" but had been killed. The deeds had led to "considerable cuts in the lives of the people involved", who were now asking themselves many questions: "how could something like this happen?? Had I been able to prevent something?"

One injured in attempted bank robbery in berlin

One injured in attempted bank robbery in berlin

It was only a few weeks ago that a messenger was robbed and deprived of a suitcase full of money in this very place. On tuesday morning around 9.30 o’clock now several tater try to get into the still closed bank branch in berlin-wilmersdorf.

Several shots are fired when they encounter a security guard in the courtyard, according to police this evening. The guard is injured. Before the perpetrators fled without any loot, they set fire to the vehicle they had driven into a window in order to gain access to the branch.

A witness later told the "berliner zeitung" (online) that there was a loud bang. The perpetrators initially fled to fub in the direction of the nearby highway 100, police say. "There they are said to have finally got into a dark vehicle and continued their flight unrecognized in the direction of the north."The search for them continues. Further details remain unclear in the evening: how many players were there?? Who shot, and how many times?

New vehicle needed

New vehicle needed

The district water patrol forchheim needs a new emergency vehicle. The aging command vehicle is in urgent need of replacement, as repair and maintenance costs exceed its value and the vehicle is rusting tremendously. A new vehicle is needed, according to a press release, and the water rescue organization in the district of forchheim is dependent on donations.

The vehicle, which is at the disposal of the water rescue officer, is the first to be alerted in the event of an accident in or on the water. The incident commander drives to the scene of the incident with this vehicle, reconnoiters the situation, calls in further emergency services and directs the operation. In case of emergency, the officer-in-charge is an important person for the safety of bathers in the waters of the district of forchheim.

With all-wheel drive

This is exactly why the water rescue service believes it is so important to quickly find adequate replacements. A special vehicle has already been selected, with all-wheel drive, in order to be able to drive to the scene of the incident even on rough terrain and not lose any time until arriving at the scene of the incident. The new vehicle requires a high trailer load to safely maneuver the motor rescue boats in and out of the water. The latest radio technology is installed so that contact can be made with the control center and other emergency services while the vehicle is still on the road.

Verdict in beer carousel trial: five years’ imprisonment for wurzburg prisoner

Verdict in beer carousel trial: five years' imprisonment for wurzburg prisoner

A man from wurzburg has been sentenced to five years in prison for helping to commit a multi-million dollar tax fraud with the help of a so-called beer carousel. The wurzburg district court also ordered immediate therapy for the 42-year-old, who is severely addicted to drugs. "This is their last chance, said the chairman richter. He spoke of a "harsh but necessary judgment".

Verdict in beer carousel trial: german beer tax exploited

An internationally active gang had pre-swapped the import of french beer into germany in order to take advantage of the lower beer taxes in the federal republic. In fact, however, the beer was taken to other countries, including great britain. European tax authorities are said to have lost 35 million euros in tax revenue in this way.

Almost 3600 faked deliveries were accused of the 42-year-old. According to the indictment, the group paid six million euros in taxes in germany for the fictitious imports – less than had become due in other countries. The defendant is said to have paid around 700,000 euros in "commission" to the successor have received. His wife also received money. The french authorities sent a 1500-page tax assessment notice.

Optimal virus protection costs money

This is the conclusion of the magazine "computer bild" (issue 2/12) after testing five paid-for and three free antivirus programs. The kaspersky internet suite 2012 (60 euros) was the test winner (grade 2.16), detecting all malware and scoring points for its low system load and ease of use. Second place went to the 45 euro G data internetsecurity 2012 (grade 2.58), but the testers criticized a noticeable slowdown of the pc.
With a detection rate of 91 percent of malware, AVG anti-virus 2012 free came in fifth as the best free program (score 3.28). Testers were positive that the AVG software slows down the computer only slightly. However, users have to live with their own advertising in the program.
One major difference between free and purchased programs is the update policy of the manufacturers. While free software only receives new information about malware (signatures) once a day, paid programs are in constant contact with the manufacturer’s servers and offer quasi real-time protection. In addition, the purchase programs often include extra functions such as child protection, spam filter or firewall.

Schalke 04 obtains state burgschaft

Schalke 04 obtains state burgschaft

The club said it would not disclose any further details on the matter. "The S04 has applied for this burgschaft in the expectation that it will not be treated differently from commercial enterprises in other areas when the decision is made. FC schalke 04 is aware of the responsibility associated with such a burgschaft," the club said in a brief statement.

When asked, the ministry confirmed the granting of the state bursary and stated the following about the procedure: "the assumption of bursaries has been carried out regularly for decades within the framework of the bursary guidelines approved by the budget and finance committee of the state parliament. The castle application from FC gelsenkirchen-schalke 04 e.V. Has, like all other burgschaft applications, gone through the tried and tested multi-stage review process. Once again, the application was treated in the same way as all other applications from commercial enterprises."

Despite the second-highest sales in the club’s history of 275 million euros, the club posted a net loss for the year of 26.1 million euros. At the same time, total liabilities have been reduced from 220 million euros to 198 million euros. The corona pandemic has considerably aggravated the financial situation of the bundesliga club despite considerable savings effects.

Low interest rates make people want to invest in “concrete gold” as a retirement provision

Low interest rates make people want to invest in 'concrete gold' as a retirement provision

That’s almost half as much as five years ago. This was the result of an allensbach survey commissioned by postbank.

According to the survey, however, 47 percent, or just under half of all professionals, no longer intend to save more than before to secure their standard of living when they retire. Ten years earlier, the unwilling rate was only 30 percent. The survey was conducted for the tenth time in a row.

The postbank, which itself offers retirement products, fears a dangerous downward spiral for this sector because of the low interest rates. Because of the low returns on financial investments, more savings efforts are needed to maintain the standard of living in old age. For years, interest rates have been falling for savings accounts and life insurance policies, as well as daily and fixed-term deposits.

Breakfast: no chance for cheerful people

breakfast: no chance for cheerful people

They sway again. Zunden joyful. Shouting such strange things as "helau" or "alaaf". And they are in this autumnal overcast time prefixed storer of our rising fallende-blatter-depression: carnivalists, fools, faschingsfanatiker drive muffel of the organized gladness – to which I confess myself since primeval times – into the humorous underground.

However: cursing before the fasenacht is not. A glance out the window of the editorial office falls on the construction site of the german carnival museum, the fools’ landmark falterturm is the daily sight when flying into kitzingen and in the newspaper it is already swaying up and down.

What has helped in the meantime is the mellowness of age. When the TV remote control is in someone else’s hands, he even makes sparse jokes bearable in televised public events. In addition, a dear colleague has taken away the oversensitivity of my humor by running a recycling plant for jokes from the early days of mankind – and also by constantly making the veterans of the laughing world obey him.

Last savings package? – athens before the completion of the aid program

LAST SAVINGS PACKAGE? - athens before the completion of the aid program

Before the conclusion of the third bailout program in august, greek finance minister euklid tsakalotos once again presented a comprehensive reform and savings program to the parliament in athens on friday evening.

The approval by the deputies this thursday is considered certain, but it is also necessary. On 21. June eurogroup to discuss possible measures to reduce greek debt mountain.

Pension cuts, increases in pension contributions and lowering of the tax-free allowance are expected to save a good five billion euros by 2022. The reform package also includes insurance for creditors: if greece defaults on one or more installments of its debt in the coming years, creditors will be able to independently sell assets of the greek state through the european stability mechanism (ESM) to collect the money.