“Jupp effect” continues at fc bayern

The "jupp effect" also held in ancelotti style. Even without the glamour of the first two goal galas under returning coach heynckes, FC bayern munchen has caught up in the standings.

The five-point gap to BVB has shrunk to three goals ahead of the landmark duels with rb leipzig and top-ranked borussia dortmund. Soccer idol uwe seeler expects bavaria to go it alone in the bundesliga again soon thanks to coach-routineer heynckes.

"Now that jupp has brought them back up to speed, it could indeed happen again that they march through again. Bayern has such good players that winning the next title would be normal," said the honorary captain of the german national team after the 1-0 (0-0) win at hamburger SV. FCB head of defense mats hummels particularly emphasized the team spirit that the experienced triple winner coach of 2013 promptly and successfully awakened in the record champion after the separation from carlo ancelotti.

Redevelopment is expensive for rudenhausen

redevelopment is expensive for rudenhausen

The councillors in rudenhausen are not entirely happy with what thomas gluckert from tiefbauburo gluckert presented to them: the renovation of the municipal rainwater overflow basin is to cost 205,000 euros, not including ancillary construction costs. And one could not really see the necessity either.
However, on the basis of photos, the civil engineer showed that the condition of the pool leaves a lot to be desired, cracks are appearing everywhere in the side slope, the concrete is flaking off in places, the preservation is partly visible and grass is already growing in the cracks. "The most important criterion is "tightness", emphasized gurgling.

Violation of sewage law
Also the well, which provides for a permanent lowering of the groundwater level under the basin and through which the groundwater runs back into the stream when the level of the schirnbach rises, is not in accordance with the standards. "Here the dirty water can mix with the groundwater, something like that must not be", declared gluckert. This in turn makes the installation of a non-return valve necessary.
"Does one not push there sometimes with cannons on sparrows?", interjected karl heinz rebitzer. The expert warned that the municipality would be liable to prosecution if it violated this sewage law.
The planning office had thought through a total of seven variants. The most suitable and cost-efficient variant was selected, in which a 15-centimeter-thick floor slab with plenty of structural steel is to seal the floor. The cracks in the concrete have been grouted, the sidewalls have been replaced by a
ECC-mortel sealed with a thickness of three to five millimeters. "This way, we only lose about 80 cubic meters of volume."
During a heavy rain, the first highly concentrated spoolstob, which rubs along the buildup deposited in the channels after a dry period, and the rainwater mix together. This mixed water is dammed up in the rainwater overflow basin and only gradually passed on to the clarification plant in the schwarzach basin.

Important for the association
Of course, the basin with the current volume is oversized for the waste water of the village, but as a retention basin for the special purpose association it is absolutely necessary.
"We're renovating at our own expense for the special-purpose association", erich ackermann was one of several council members to voice his displeasure. "I am in zugzwang, since 2002 the basin is already moniert by the water management office", explained mayor gerhard ackermann. And he ended the discussion of the board with the words. "We have been through all this ten times already. The whole thing has long been decided and already planned in the budget."
The work on the rainwater retention basin has already been coordinated with the relevant authorities, and the invitations to tender can follow soon, according to thomas gluckert from the planning office.

Soldierpower wins in front of marchenwelt

soldierpower wins in front of marchenwelt

"We started today to win", also say jennifer pfrang and yvonne breitenbach from the show dance group of the faschingsfreunde schwarzelbach. "We are fit and well trained." Their trainer christof krawinkel added that this was a good opportunity to present oneself countywide and to live out one's own love of dancing. Since september, they have been fine-tuning their dance, just like many others. They brought their fan club with them. After a 3. And a 4. Place in the previous years they wanted to win now.

Nervous fans

The fans are a little nervous just before the dance. "We are already pretty excited", says jurgen pfrang. "Viva espana is the motto of the schwarzelbacher. The dance goes down well with the audience, the spectators applaud enthusiastically. Strong the choreography and difficult the many, perfect dance steps.
After the dance, the girls are relieved: "everything went well, and we are satisfied with our performance" they say. Immediately after the next dance of the "thornroschen from poppenlauer, however, it is clear that a victory against this team will be difficult to achieve. Unfortunately it did not work out with the victory again. The performance was deservedly good enough for the bronze place, behind the team from poppenlauer, which for many spectators was also the best candidate for the overall victory. The victory was won by the girls and boys of DJK altbessingen. Their soldier power was unbeatable this evening.

Wonderful sound experiences

Wonderful sound experiences

Sarah stieranka

rainer herr sits at the organ in the collegiate church at banz monastery. His left hand is up, his right hand is down. As if by magic, his hands move, music sounds in the church, the music book is still closed. This automatism is understandable, because since his childhood he has been deeply connected with music and this organ in the banzer stiftskirche is very familiar to him.
For 30 years, about eight organ matinees have been played there each year – rainer herr played the first one in 1988. "Pastor old was the initiator of the organ matinees and he won me over for it", he remembers. At first, the then german, geography, and history teacher played the 30-minute concerts alone – after a short time, jitka maisel and axel stumpf joined in.

Original idea of the organ matinees

"The idea at the beginning was that young organists could play concerts. But I needed someone to plan and organize everything", says pastor hans-werner alt. This person was rainer herr, who knew many organists at that time. On the gallery at the seuffert-woehl-organ they played alternately their organ music – pieces by johann sebastian bach, by the french composer hans sternberg or also by father johann valentin rathgeber, who lived until his death at the monastery of banz.

Syrian opposition: 1300 dead in bombardment east of damascus

Syrian opposition: 1300 dead in bombardment east of damascus

The syrian opposition and the arab league appealed to the UN chemical weapons experts currently in damascus to see the situation for themselves on the ground. France, great britain and turkey are also lobbying the united nations for an investigation into the possible poison gas attack.

French president francois hollande wants to ask the un to investigate the site of the attack, government spokeswoman najat vallaud-belkacem said in paris after a cabinet meeting.

Great britain’s prime minister william hague spoke of a "shocking escalation. If the reports are confirmed, the perpetrators will be held accountable "in every way we can", hague said in london. He called on the leadership in damascus to give the UN inspectors immediate access to the site.

Ghosn “illegally” used turkish private jets for escape

Ghosn 'illegally' used turkish private jets for escape

Former car boss carlos ghosn used jets of turkish company MNG for his escape from japan to lebanon. This was announced by the charter company on its website.

The private planes – one for the dubai-osaka and osaka-istanbul routes, and one for the trip from istanbul to beirut – were used "illegally". The company had filed a complaint "to prosecute those who were involved".

Ghosn, who was released on bail in japan, made a surprise flight to lebanon on sunday last week. The former head of the renault group was killed on 19. November 2018 arrested and charged in tokyo for violating borsen requirements. In april 2019, he was released on bail from custody in japan under strict conditions. Among other things, he was forbidden to leave the country. Ghosn has french, brazilian and lebanese citizenship. He is considered the architect of the international car alliance between renault, nissan and mitsubishi.

Luck is when the gap is closed

Luck is when the gap is closed

What is happiness and what is the meaning of life?? Two questions that have moved people since time immemorial and to which religions and philosophies have sought answers. The buddhist monch linji, which in 9. The company, which lived in the twentieth century, has dealt with this issue forcefully. And with him, in turn, jens wimmers, lecturer in philosophy at bamberg university. So intense that he even wrote a book "linji’s way to happiness", he wrote about him.

At a reading in the bookstore bucher-schmidt in adelsdorf, he presented it. He not only read from his work, but also explained a great deal about the philosophical considerations of happiness. He did not stay with the buddhist direction as represented by linji. Greek philosophy à la artistotle on the subject of happiness was also presented by him in detail.

In principle, it is about inner harmony and the attempt to put one’s own inner turmoil back together again. Then you’re back to the middle high german "gelucke", from which the word "luck" is derived which is nothing other than a "closed hole" denotes. One tur, for example, is a luck because it closes the gap in the entrance to the house.

Derby atmosphere in ebing and memmelsdorf

Derby atmosphere in ebing and memmelsdorf

Two derbies are scheduled with the encounters spvgg ebing (2.) – TSV ebensfeld (8.) and SV memmelsdorf II (10.) – spvgg stegaurach (6.) on the schedule.
SV dorfleins -tbvfl neustadt/wildenheid
after the 1:2 at TV ebern, it is important for the team of SV player coach christian neumohr to get the points against the neustadt team. From the paper form this should be to be done. This is due to the fact that they have won the last three home games. The guests are five numbers behind the SVD and are for seven games without "three".
Spvgg ebing – TSV ebensfeld
the ex-oberligist receives with the TSV ebensfeld a climber. But as a newcomer, the proteges of trainer christian kellner have not yet presented themselves. Which is to say that the guests – last free of play – have very quickly established themselves and take a place in the upper area. The ebinger youngst with 0:4 a high defeat in stegaurach. Kellner: "i saw the ebinger in stegaurach, where i don’t think they were that strong. Of course I won’t let myself be changed by that and I expect a difficult task." Ebingen coach klaus gunreben: "our goal is first and foremost to find our game and put the opponent under pressure. But we have to be careful against the strong offensive of TSV hollisch."
SV memmelsdorf II – spvgg stegaurach
the guest team of player-coach tobias eichhorn is filled with seasoned fubballers and consequently with ambitions to be on top of the game. In contrast, the young proteges of coach peter linz, whose goal is to keep his very young, talented squad in the league and introduce players to the bavarian league team. Both teams are doing well at the moment, even though the SVM recently lost 1-0 in frohnlach. Eichhorn: "the opponent has a talented squad that has already scored 18 points despite its youth. We want to stay in front, we are better positioned in terms of personnel, so i already believe in a victory for my team." His colleague linz: "this will be a very difficult game for my boys, especially since with haderlein and weber two important players are no longer available."
TSV hirschaid – TSV meeder
despite home advantage, the hirschaider face a very high hurdle, because TSV meeder is on its way to the top. TSV is undefeated for six games now.

De-escalation measures in everyday nursing care

As part of the info week of the klinik-kompetenz-bayern (KKB), of which the habberg hospitals are also a member, interested parties can find out more about dealing with dangerous situations in the day-to-day care of the habberg hospitals as well as at home in the families. Among other things there is on thursday, 25. October, starting from 17 o’clock a free lecture under the slogan "deeskalationsmabnahmen in the care everyday life" in doctor’s house 1 on hofheimer strabe. Katja kaspar, de-escalation trainer at the habberg clinics, gives her advice under the motto "nursing affects everyone practical instructions and valuable tips for nurses at the habberg clinics and for family caregivers at home.

The internal training courses make the nurses strong enough to face the challenges of everyday hospital life. They train how to deal with patients with behavioral problems and learn how to recognize dangerous behavior and avoid it as far as possible. So you can still

Better focus on the patients.

“Reichsburger” resists arrest and injures police officer

A so-called reichsburger violently resisted arrest in the wartburg district and slightly injured two police officers. The 53-year-old refused to leave his house in mihla in thuringia. He was ordered to pay a fine of 500 euros for an insult, or face 20 days in jail, according to police on monday.

When officers tried to get into the house on sunday, the man jumped out of a window on the second floor and fled into the garage. There he sat down in a car and locked it from the inside.

Police officers suffered cuts and bruises

"As in the apartment building, the man could not be helped with patient communication", it says in the police report. When the man started with the car, the officers broke several windows and sprayed with pepper spray. He was taken out of the car and handcuffed, but continued to attack the police officers. They suffered cuts and bruises, but were still fit for service.

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