Luck is when the gap is closed

Luck is when the gap is closed

What is happiness and what is the meaning of life?? Two questions that have moved people since time immemorial and to which religions and philosophies have sought answers. The buddhist monch linji, which in 9. The company, which lived in the twentieth century, has dealt with this issue forcefully. And with him, in turn, jens wimmers, lecturer in philosophy at bamberg university. So intense that he even wrote a book "linji’s way to happiness", he wrote about him.

At a reading in the bookstore bucher-schmidt in adelsdorf, he presented it. He not only read from his work, but also explained a great deal about the philosophical considerations of happiness. He did not stay with the buddhist direction as represented by linji. Greek philosophy à la artistotle on the subject of happiness was also presented by him in detail.

In principle, it is about inner harmony and the attempt to put one’s own inner turmoil back together again. Then you’re back to the middle high german "gelucke", from which the word "luck" is derived which is nothing other than a "closed hole" denotes. One tur, for example, is a luck because it closes the gap in the entrance to the house.

Derby atmosphere in ebing and memmelsdorf

Derby atmosphere in ebing and memmelsdorf

Two derbies are scheduled with the encounters spvgg ebing (2.) – TSV ebensfeld (8.) and SV memmelsdorf II (10.) – spvgg stegaurach (6.) on the schedule.
SV dorfleins -tbvfl neustadt/wildenheid
after the 1:2 at TV ebern, it is important for the team of SV player coach christian neumohr to get the points against the neustadt team. From the paper form this should be to be done. This is due to the fact that they have won the last three home games. The guests are five numbers behind the SVD and are for seven games without "three".
Spvgg ebing – TSV ebensfeld
the ex-oberligist receives with the TSV ebensfeld a climber. But as a newcomer, the proteges of trainer christian kellner have not yet presented themselves. Which is to say that the guests – last free of play – have very quickly established themselves and take a place in the upper area. The ebinger youngst with 0:4 a high defeat in stegaurach. Kellner: "i saw the ebinger in stegaurach, where i don’t think they were that strong. Of course I won’t let myself be changed by that and I expect a difficult task." Ebingen coach klaus gunreben: "our goal is first and foremost to find our game and put the opponent under pressure. But we have to be careful against the strong offensive of TSV hollisch."
SV memmelsdorf II – spvgg stegaurach
the guest team of player-coach tobias eichhorn is filled with seasoned fubballers and consequently with ambitions to be on top of the game. In contrast, the young proteges of coach peter linz, whose goal is to keep his very young, talented squad in the league and introduce players to the bavarian league team. Both teams are doing well at the moment, even though the SVM recently lost 1-0 in frohnlach. Eichhorn: "the opponent has a talented squad that has already scored 18 points despite its youth. We want to stay in front, we are better positioned in terms of personnel, so i already believe in a victory for my team." His colleague linz: "this will be a very difficult game for my boys, especially since with haderlein and weber two important players are no longer available."
TSV hirschaid – TSV meeder
despite home advantage, the hirschaider face a very high hurdle, because TSV meeder is on its way to the top. TSV is undefeated for six games now.

De-escalation measures in everyday nursing care

As part of the info week of the klinik-kompetenz-bayern (KKB), of which the habberg hospitals are also a member, interested parties can find out more about dealing with dangerous situations in the day-to-day care of the habberg hospitals as well as at home in the families. Among other things there is on thursday, 25. October, starting from 17 o’clock a free lecture under the slogan "deeskalationsmabnahmen in the care everyday life" in doctor’s house 1 on hofheimer strabe. Katja kaspar, de-escalation trainer at the habberg clinics, gives her advice under the motto "nursing affects everyone practical instructions and valuable tips for nurses at the habberg clinics and for family caregivers at home.

The internal training courses make the nurses strong enough to face the challenges of everyday hospital life. They train how to deal with patients with behavioral problems and learn how to recognize dangerous behavior and avoid it as far as possible. So you can still

Better focus on the patients.

“Reichsburger” resists arrest and injures police officer

A so-called reichsburger violently resisted arrest in the wartburg district and slightly injured two police officers. The 53-year-old refused to leave his house in mihla in thuringia. He was ordered to pay a fine of 500 euros for an insult, or face 20 days in jail, according to police on monday.

When officers tried to get into the house on sunday, the man jumped out of a window on the second floor and fled into the garage. There he sat down in a car and locked it from the inside.

Police officers suffered cuts and bruises

"As in the apartment building, the man could not be helped with patient communication", it says in the police report. When the man started with the car, the officers broke several windows and sprayed with pepper spray. He was taken out of the car and handcuffed, but continued to attack the police officers. They suffered cuts and bruises, but were still fit for service.

Fighting empty shelves: stress test for the logistics industry

Fighting empty shelves: stress test for the logistics industry

In view of empty shelves, many consumers are growing increasingly fearful of shortages of goods in germany: but retailers, logistics companies and package delivery companies are sounding the all-clear. Warehouses are still well stocked, supply chains in germany are tense but stable.

"We don’t have a trap where logistics has a dropout to supply industry, trade and the population," said frank huster, chief executive officer of the german freight forwarding and logistics association (DSLV), to the deutsche presse-agentur.

The main challenge at the moment is to get the goods into the stores quickly enough to cope with the current rush of customers, the german retail association (HDE) stressed. There was enough merchandise. The factory closings in the industry and the store closings in the trade even made this task easier, it was said at the DSLV. Because the elimination of these deliveries freed up trucks for supply runs.

The editor reaches for the hammer

Michael memmel it runs the theme week equality in the FT. And not egalitarianism or even egalitarianism. In the newspaper, of course, every letter counts. And if another article is printed in the wrong place, even though it was read by several colleagues the night before, it is guaranteed to catch the eye of those responsible first thing the next morning and spoil our breakfast.

This week, the ambo, which was blessed in the chapel of laubend by auxiliary bishop herwig gossl, was given one s too many (tuesday edition, page 18). A double bloody mistake, because for the orthographically obvious anvil it was again one s too few. And in this case, it was not about the base on which glowing metal lands, which the blacksmith transforms with the help of other tools. But rather around the support called ambo (ancient greek for "raised edge"), on which biblical scriptures lie, which are recited by a lector. In this case, not only the eyes of the human proofreader have failed, but also the computer colleague, who is also a "people’s age" (instead of folk altar) waved through.

At this point, we would like to apologize to you, dear readers, for these errors. And because the year is still young, there is still room for a good resolution: to pay even closer attention to every comma and every word in 2019! It cannot be ruled out that something will slip through the cracks. While the coffee comes up again in the morning, we invite you to try the motto of our theme week in february: humor. Can you already see the editor standing at the lectern, hammering away frantically at a book??

Hearty tavern cabaret in ibind

Hearty tavern cabaret in ibind

The rhone dialect is a tough one. In the rhon, for example, one makes "haa" instead of hay – or "hei, as they say here in the mountains. The guests got a taste of this tough dialect once again in the "iwinner tunnelsaal" at the tavern cabaret, innkeeper uwe radlein presents the "rhoner doppelknaller" for the second time had invited.

The "double banger, these are the three-man-formation "spilk" and comedian fredi breunig from salz near bad neustadt. They say it or sing it, as they think it: coarse and uncouth.
Already with the second song of spilk, the "schnudl-polka", the hall enthusiastically clapped rhythmically along; for the polka is an ironic, almost hamic homage to the people of schweinfurt. "The main thing is cheap calls franky schmitt, who with martin "maddin" reinhard and joachim buhner the trio forms. Besides the schweinfurters there are other "folkgroups in the focus of their mockery: the pensioners, for example, the "siemensians of bad neustadt or the pilgrims. So the trio celebrates with a lot of background knowledge, how it goes on a pilgrimage to vierzehnheiligen so musically packed in a three-part chorale. They also know what to do on a bridge day: go to ikea. The three accompany themselves, depending on the song with accordion, trumpet, baritone, guitar, bass guitar or trombone.

Anecdotes and tales

Fredi breunig walks across the realm of anecdotes, this time unaccustomedly in a woman’s blue shirt. With all the news about the refugees he misses the discussions about greece. "Nix! Ke wodd mehr devoo". The company deichmann has helped and donated 200 pairs of shoes to greece. Breunig: "die senn alla zuruckkumma – es war’n arbeitsschuhe" (they all come back – it was work shoes). The people bent over laughing. Even as nikolaus, breunig is "now going back" in the houses and notices that society is becoming softer and softer. Strikes of the rod? "I forgot, I can’t even take the servant into the house with me. It always has to be there, and it has to be so long". In another round, disguised as "kappeschilds heinrich aus ottelmannshausen" the comedian went as a typical "sparbrenner" to the man-woman-relationship. Example: "i was so late when i was doing the gheating, so that i wouldn’t have to pay goldne hochzich".

North korea threatens “counteroffensive” if new sanctions are imposed

North Korea threatens 'counteroffensive' if new sanctions are imposed

After its globally condemned nuclear test, north korea has threatened to take countermeasures if new sanctions are imposed. Pyongyang’s aube ministry accused the u.S. Of pursuing a hostile policy and a "frantic sanctions campaign" to go with it.

Russian president vladimir putin, in a meeting with south korean president moon jae-in, warned against "cornering" north korea and called for dialogue with pyongyang. Sanctions had not solved the conflict.

"We will respond to the abhorrent sanctions and U.S. Pressure with our own kind of counteroffensive," a north korean aube ministry spokesman was quoted as saying by state media tuesday evening. What kind of measures would be taken remained unclear.

Vestadt instead of faro islands

HSC 2000 coburg at the bottom of the bundesliga table after six games without a point. But against SC magdeburg was a clear auartstrend recognizable. The promoted team showed its best performance of the season so far and just missed the first points (26:28). But that's not the only good news, because coach alois mraz will be able to train with a nearly full squad next week and use the break intensively. Although stepan zeman (czech republic) and drasko nenadic (serbia) were nominated for their national teams, the matches in the european championship qualifiers were canceled.

The czechs had played away and at home against the faroe islands and the serbs at home against greece and in belgium. The fact that the HSC duo is staying in the city of vest is convenient for the coburg authorities. "In principle, we don't want to stand in the way of our players if they have the opportunity to play for their country", says HSC managing director jan gorr and adds: "in these times, however, preconditions must be met." Gorr argues for uniform standards, then there's no reason not to send players on cross-country trips across europe. "Otherwise, everything we do here was driven ad absurdum." This starts with the entry into a country, continues with the compliance with the hygiene concepts and ends with the return to germany. Above all, the question of whether their professionals would have to go into quarantine after returning from the national team was driving the clubs around. Recently, the handball bundesliga (HBL) and its clubs had drafted a sample letter to the national associations, in which the clubs clearly expressed their concerns.

However, gorr is not talking about a dispute between the HBL and DHB, as various media have reported. The league does not want "any conflict", but I am advocating a unified approach of the leagues and federations. If this is the case, the HSC coburg will send its national players even in times of pandemic. For stepan zeman, it's a mixed feeling that the national games have been canceled. "I am a little sad because I always like to play for my home country. But I can well understand that in this situation the games do not take place."

How top chef steffen szabo wants to bring the star to volkach

How top chef steffen szabo wants to bring the star to volkach

For breakfast he eats musli, he likes to play soccer and is a fan of FC bayern, at work he watches bayern 1. And the best bratwurst is in central franconia, steffen szabo leaves no doubt about that. Since february, the 28-year-old star chef has been head pastry chef at the "schwane" in volkach and responsible for two restaurants . At the "schwane 1404," szabo’s team cooks "upscale local cuisine for heart and belly". And since the end of april, szabo has been offering "experimental flavored cuisine" in the "weinstock," the newly refurbished gourmet restaurant. His demand: "highest level". In coburg, where he last cooked, he had a michelin star. Does he also get it for the "weinstock"?? A conversation between pans and pots.

Question: mr. Szabo, how is it going??

Steffen szabo: i am shocked. When I came to coburg, we closed the gourmet restaurant every other evening for the first six months to a year because it was not accepted. But what we have here reservations – there I sometimes upset myself. It is going too well. We had thought that the guests in the summer, at these high temperatures, want to sit in the courtyard. You don’t want to. In coburg, this was an extreme problem, because i didn’t have a eatery there. The people were bos’ and did not come. I’m from central franconia, was in upper franconia, am now in lower franconia – it’s crazy how extremely different the characters are. As a chef, you really have to adjust and it takes half a year to understand what the guests want from you.