Dr. Christine theiss spends “every free minute” with her daughter

Dr. Christine theiss spends 'every free minute' with her daughter

A woman wins for the first time? On sunday, 2. April (20:15), it’s that time again. Sat.1 shows the rough final of this year’s season of "the biggest loser. As finalists, lukas (31), david (32) and alexandra (33) will battle it out for the title and 50.000 euro prize money. In the run-up to the final show, moderator dr. Christine theiss (37) talks to the news agency spot on news about the season and her special view of things since she became a mother last year.

Here you can get the fitness guide "i’ll make you fit! Without equipment, only with your body" from dr. Christine theiss

Dr. Christine theiss spends 'every free minute' with her daughter

What was special for you in this year’s season??

Dr. Christine theiss: we had couples in camp this year. And these constellations have in part unleashed unexpected dynamics that have surprised even us old hands and presented us with new challenges. In part, there were also low levels of motivation, which we did not know in this form. We – that is, the coaches mareike spaleck and ramin abtin, camp doctor victor lorenzo da silva, nutrition advisor friedrich napieraj and i – have been able to turn the oar around and all of us together have been able to get back to the project of "losing weight" concentrated.

The okomodel region is gaining momentum

A spirit of optimism prevailed in the packed parish hall in order to advance the now state-recognized eco-model region of francophone switzerland and to fill it with life. The "future of gobweinstein" association had invited to this kick-off event. Its chairman, klaus-dieter preis, was fascinated that so many interested parties from the two integrated rural development communities (ile) "wirtschaftsband a9 – franconian switzerland" were present and "france switzerland active were followed.

As spokesman for the two iles, pegnitz mayor uwe raab made it clear that he was afraid and anxious after hearing the presentations by german climate researchers harald lesch and hans joachim schnellhuber. Because man is systematically destroying the global foundations of life. Municipalities in germany had already declared a climate emergency. For this reason, the two iles decided to apply for francophone switzerland as an eco-model region.

Following the success of this application, the aim now is to get more farms in french-speaking switzerland to convert to organic farming methods. According to raab, this is to be achieved through better networking of producers, processors, consumers and the region’s coarse cakes. To this end, he announced the formation of a steering group to work in close cooperation with the political leaders of the member municipalities. The project management for this must now be installed. For the time being, the two iles have an annual budget of 100,000 euros, 75 percent of which is required by the free state.

New meeting room, more offices?

The meeting of the city council in baunach focused on plans for the remodeling of the city hall. According to mayor tobias roppelt (CBB), a reorganization has been under discussion for a long time. The reasons: there are too few offices, the archives must be reorganized, a social room is to be built in and the meeting room relocated. The attic, which is over 50 years old, also needs to be renovated. Architect christoph gatz presented the ideas.

Meeting room on the top floor

With the help of a presentation gatz explained the reconstruction of the town hall. The meeting room is to be moved to the attic floor. A view window with a view of the old town hall is planned. Space for buror rooms and a tea kitchen will be created. The archives will also be located on the top floor, and a social room with access to the roof terrace is also planned. Offices could be created out of the current meeting room as well as a conference room. The hallway on the upper floor must be divided due to fire protection and a fire wall must be installed. An oriel is to secure the second escape route from the meeting room.

Helmut ortlauf of the dorsch planning office explained the implementation of the heating center on the basis of a design plan. Air ventilation and fire protection were also presented. Hubert hahn from hahn-muno engineering company presented the cost calculation. The total costs for the remodeling of the town hall amount to 1.5 million euros.

Bka warns against terror on fubball fan miles

This was reported by BKA chief jorg ziercke to the federal and state interior ministers in a confidential meeting on friday, reports "spiegel online". Visitors to the spectacle had to be prepared for tighter security measures. On saturday evening the teams of borussia dortmund and bayern munchen will meet in the final in in london.

Ziercke spoke to the interior ministers of a "serious indication" spoken, hit it. However, similar indications had turned out to be wrong in the past. London has also been on alert for days after two suspected islamists murdered a british soldier on the street. In mid-april, three people were killed in a bomb attack on the boston marathon. More than 200 were injured.

Fan miles for public viewing have been set up in many german cities. Berlin police initially declined to comment on details of the security sweeps around the fan mile in the capital city. Bag checks, for example, are part of the routine at large events, said a police spokesman. "We move in berlin with the safety basically on a high level."

Slack share slumps after quarterly figures

Slack share slumps after quarterly figures

The office chat service slack so disappointed investors with its forecast for the upcoming business that the company at times lost a fifth of its value.

In pre-market U.S. Trading on thursday, sentiment improved somewhat, and the stock was still down about twelve percent.

Slack’s figures for the past fiscal quarter, which ended in january, exceeded analysts’ estimates, but its revenue forecast for the current quarter failed to meet expectations.

Adventures in dream weather

The 18-day event took place in beautiful weather. Leisure time of the catholic youth neudrossenfeld instead of. Around 70 children and young people pitched their tents in wickendorf near teuschnitz with their caregivers.

The rough tents had already been pitched and set up the day before. The children’s tents were also erected quickly thanks to the help of parents. After that, the young adventurers said goodbye to their fathers and mothers to enjoy a week of pure nature.

The drought posed a special challenge this year: a campfire without flames. A string of LED lights had to be used as a substitute, and so the kids sang their songs in the glow of the artificial light.

82-Year-old man overlooks tractor

There must have been quite a crash! On early friday evening there was a traffic accident between a tractor and a mercedes benz A-class on the B279, high hochstadten.

According to the ebern police, the 82-year-old driver of the mercedes overlooked a tractor driving in the same direction and hit the rear wheel of the tractor. The impact threw the 73-year-old tractor driver and his farm vehicle into the ditch, where the tractor remained in an inclined position. The car causing the accident also skidded due to the impact and came to a halt on the opposite lane of traffic.

High damage

The driver of the A-class tractor was slightly injured in the accident. During the accident investigation, the smell of alcohol was detected in the car. An alcohol test showed a value of more than 0.3 per mille. Due to the alcohol content, a blood sample had to be taken from the person responsible for the accident at the hospital in ebern.