China threatens retaliation – talks continue

China threatens retaliation - talks continue

The u.S. And china want to talk despite the raging trade war between the world’s two largest economies. Talks on settling the bitter dispute are to continue this thursday in washington.

"China has just informed us that they (vice premier) are now coming to the u.S. To make a deal," u.S. President donald trump wrote on twitter.

Almost at the same time, however, the U.S. Department of the treasury sent a preliminary notice to the U.S. Federal register stating that the special tariffs will be raised from this friday onwards. Trump had previously announced this.

Teresa inspires new enthusiasm for the faith

Teresa inspires new enthusiasm for the faith

Known to the media as "the skateboarding nun, sister teresa knew how to let her audience experience new refreshment for the faith with vividly recited bible passages. But also a fashion show with the latest spring trends with "models" from the executive board of the bavarian farmers association and the local farmers from the different local associations as well as the musical framing by the countrywomen choir under the direction of inge snater provided for a special feast for the eyes and ears.

Special "talk show

Under the motto: "nothing happens in the city, everything happens in the country", district farmer astrid baum was pleased to be able to bury representatives from politics, church and society at this year's countrywomen's day in knetzgau. Last year, the event was successfully established for the first time, and this year, too, the keynote speeches were presented in a relaxed manner. District farmer astrid baum and baron baron christian von truchseb presented the motto "strengthened from within – open to new ideas", to the center of your "talk show. For the protestant dean jurgen blechschmitt, there was both a question mark and an exclamation mark behind the question of inner strength for the faith. He spoke of church traditions on whose help both churches were dependent. So he addressed the many mothers and grandmothers in the hall, how important it is for children to have role models in living faith. "We have tackled the matter with elan", rudolf handwerker on the subject of energy development in the district. Handwerker referred to previous federal tasks that had grown into municipal tasks. Through the merger of the municipalities in the GUT, the district took its energy turnaround into its own hands. The concentration is in several rough energy parks to preserve the protection of nature.

Augsburg celebrates: fourth-best ruck team hopes

augsburg celebrates: fourth-best ruck team hopes

Right, augsburg still in 16th place in the fubball bundesliga. But the auart trend is impressive. In the seven games after the winter break, FCA lost only once and is in fourth place in the league table – while bremen is fourth from last in the table.

"We are now finally rewarding ourselves for the work we do on the pitch," commented goalkeeper tobias werner (29).), who scored as in the first leg against werder: "we did not do that in the hinrunde."After nine points in the first 17 games, augsburg seemed to be on the direct way to league two. Now the third season in the elite class is within reach.

"We are very happy," said the reserved weinzierl, whose enthusiasm was not evident: "the three points are very important for us."His team held on to the payers "with luck and skill and heart". Two aluminum goals – that’s all werder had to offer.