Caustic, toxic, easily inflammable: dangerous goods transport thunders through france unsecured

Caustic, toxic, easily inflammable: dangerous goods transport thunders through france unsecured

Yesterday, the hazardous goods squad of the erlangen traffic police prohibited a hazardous goods transport from continuing its journey on the A3 due to considerable deficiencies.

Actually, the reason for the stop at nurnberg-nord was that the driver of a semitrailer was talking on his cell phone while driving. The vehicle belonging to a turkish company was on its way from dusseldorf to istanbul, as reported by the erlangen traffic police department.

Transporter loaded with dangerous goods

When the freight documents were checked, it was first established that the transporter was predominantly loaded with dangerous goods. However, auben lacked any prescribed marking on the vehicle. The load consisted of liquids and substances classified as corrosive, toxic, flammable and hazardous to the environment.

Acid range completely unprotected

A pallet of sour stood completely unsecured on another pallet of slightly inflammable liquid and had already tipped slightly to one side.

Drivers with forged papers

The driver at least presented a training certificate that he is qualified as a driver for hazardous goods. However, the inspection quickly revealed that this was a complete mistake and that the truck did not have the required training.

In consultation with the public prosecutor’s office, criminal proceedings were instituted against the driver and the contractor for forgery of documents and a substantial security deposit was retained. In addition, there are the proceedings for violations of dangerous goods regulations and others.

Further travel was prohibited until a suitable driver was available, the tractor-trailer was properly marked and the load was adequately secured.

It was only in june that a trailer of a hazardous goods truck tipped over in lower franconia. The truck was carrying dangerous chemicals. Fire and rescue services deployed for a major operation.

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