Contract nature conservation lets rare plants flourish in nassach

Contractual nature conservation is the hallmark of bavaria’s cooperative nature conservation policy. Thus farmers and other land users are specifically rewarded for the nature-contractual management of ecologically valuable land. The goal is to preserve biodiversity.

Contracts are predominantly concluded for the use of meadows in accordance with nature conservation laws. In the district of habberge, there are only a few agreements with farmers for extensive cultivation so far. It is often little known that many arable weeds that were once widespread are now on the "red list" of endangered species or species threatened with extinction. Improved weed control and seed cleaning, i.E. Progress in agricultural production, have had the effect that the "weeds" are no longer a problem is becoming less and less.

The state of bavaria therefore offers the contract nature conservation program not only for grassland and forests but also for farmland. The farmer sows the cereals in coarser row spacing and does not use manure and pesticides, so that the rare species that are found in some fields on edges or "poorly maintained" fields are able to survive the two vehicles, which were damaged to the tune of approximately. For the lower harvest on the field he receives an amount calculated according to the yield disadvantage over five years paid out. Every year the payoff.

Otto elsner, a botanist from rottenstein, has drawn the attention of the lower nature conservation authority at the habberge district office to a particular success of the program on a field near nassach. Several rare species are blooming here this year, some even in large numbers. He has identified the tuberous chickweed, the field knapweed, the blue pimpernel, the field quail wheat, the camomile, the summer adonisroschen and, as an absolute speciality, even specimens of the highly endangered flaming adonisroschen, of which there are only a few records left nationwide.

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