Couple donates one million euros

Couple donates one million euros

The matthias and margrit wendel foundation was established in 2008 with a capital stock of 300,000 euros. The couple has now increased its capital to one million euros through endowments. In their wills, both have already stipulated that after their deaths, their remaining assets will also go to the foundation. The first donation was made to the kulmbach animal welfare association: 20,000 euros from the proceeds and another 6,000 euros as an additional private donation were handed over by the wendels to chairwoman gabriele folsche.
The 26,000 euros are earmarked for veterinary costs and will be enough to finance them for a year. "At first I could hardly believe that there are people who are so rude and think of us first", says the chairwoman. The club spent around 140,000 euros last year, while the grants from the local authorities amounted to only 17,000 euros. The difference must be covered by membership fees, donations and activities such as festivals and flea markets. "The grant from the foundation is a great help for us."

No children as heirs

Matthias wendel used to work as a lawyer in kulmbach and switched to business twelve years ago. Together with his wife, he is now an entrepreneur in the quarry industry. "We don't have any children and wanted to decide early on what to do with the money we earn", tells margrit wendel. For the 48-year-old, it is clear that overpriced luxury items are not a sensible investment: "why should we buy a car for 100,000 euros that we don't even need??"
Financing good deeds seems much more valuable to the couple. "It gives us pleasure to be able to decide for ourselves, as young donors with a temperament, who we support."

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