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What is Somnambulism and What Causes Sleepwalking?

Sleepwalking is very common in children, and though most outgrow it 4 percent of adults carry somnambulism into adulthood. But what is sleepwalking? What causes it? Read on to find out!

How to Deal With Your Sleepwalking Child

Sleepwalking is a disorder that affects many children between the ages of 4 and 12. Though parents worry, doctors say that sleepwalking is not really dangerous. The best way to deal with your child’s sleepwalking is to let him or her simply outgrow it.

Possible Link Found Between Sleep-Disordered Breathing and Cardiovascular Disease

Scientists, doctors and researchers have speculated for years the link between sleep apnea and cardiovascular disease. New research pinpoints the inhibitors that are affected by both.

The Most Common Types of Sleep Disorders

Most people will have experienced a lack of sleep at some point in their lives, but individuals that find they are often unable to go to sleep straight away or find themselves falling asleep during the day may be suffering from a sleep disorder. There are many types of sleep disorder and it is important that any symptoms are recognised in order to treat it so that further complications can be prevented.

Are You Feeling Tired All the Time?

Feeling tired all the time? Read this article to learn how I got rid of tiredness for good.

How Your Health Can Be Affected As a Result of a Lack of Sleep

Receiving a sufficient amount of sleep each night will reduce the risk of a number of health complications. The required amount of sleep for adults is seven to eight hours every night. Many individuals find it difficult to receive a good amount of sleep each night as a result of a busy lifestyle, which may increase the risk of sleep disorder or health complications.

Will a Stop Snoring Mouth Guard Work For You?

Stop snoring mouth guards are common devices to help you stop snoring. But, how do they work, how effective are they, and what do they cost? This article answers those questions.

Are You Tired All the Time?

If you feel tired all the time and need a solution then you may be in the same position I was some time ago. I used to feel tired all the time and have next to no energy to do anything what so ever.

Energize Me, Cap’n! 2 Mega-Effective Ways to Get More Energy Into Your Life

It’s no secret that tiredness is a major factor of most anyone’s life. We live in such a busy and hectic world that it’s hard NOT to feel like crashing for a 4pm nap by the time the afternoon rolls around. There are many, many things that the average person does each day that likely contribute to their tiredness, but today I want to go over 3 of the most common mistakes that are made and also how you can correct them to have more energy in your life!

Confused by All the Stop Snoring Devices on the Market?

There are a series of stop snoring devices that you will certainly want to be aware of if you have this problem. Even those who have severe sleep apnea have options with regards to some of these devices.

Sleep – The Most Essential Medicine For Every Human

A good night’s sleep is essential in order to keep your life normal. It is the key to a more fulfilled and peaceful life. Those who do not get the right amount of sleep often feel restless, irritable and they are more prone to fall sick. Getting 8 to 9 hours of sleep everyday not only helps you to lead a healthy life but it also improves your immunity system and digestive system.

Tired? – 5 Things You’re Doing That Could Be Sapping Your Energy

If you’re reading this article it’s a pretty good guess that you know what it’s like to suffer from tiredness and fatigue. It’s annoying as hell (excuse my French), to be “too tired” to do the things you like with your friends and family.

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