Dosb wants to help with hygiene concept

Dosb wants to help with hygiene concept

Bitter cancellations, drastic restrictions and restrictive spectator numbers:

The german olympic sports federation has presented a "framework hygiene concept" which is intended to benefit federations and clubs in the organization of sports competitions up to and including world championships in the corona crisis.

"With this nationwide hygiene framework concept, we want to help people help themselves," said DOSB president alfons hormann. "At the same time, we are promoting the broad acceptance of these tested standards to politicians and administrators." Especially since it is provided with the seal of approval "tuv-tested.

Sport will continue to adhere to the rules in a consistent and disciplined manner and is demonstrably not a driver of infection. According to hormann, even the heads of the state chancelleries of the federal states had attested in a video broadcast last monday that no "superspreaders" or special situations had occurred at a sports event with infections. "Without exception, all the federal states were involved. And no one could give a single example of sports being part of the group of problem and worry children," says hormann.

Nevertheless, these uniform DOSB standards were developed to provide orientation and a framework for action, "which should show associations, clubs and organizers, as well as everyone else in politics and the authorities, how things could be done," says hormann. "The more sensitive and difficult the conditions, the more conceptual and professional the approach must be."

The DOSB concept could "provide valuable inspiration and support," but could not overcome all problems and hurdles "in this extremely complicated situation. "It’s clear that you can’t just flip a switch and snap your fingers and wish for something," said the 60-year-old head of the DOSB. "Going through a phase like this without a concept, or saying we don’t really know either, can’t be the answer."

According to the DOSB, the framework concept is a central basic building block. Depending on the type and scope of the event, from a sports festival in a club to the staging of a world championship, the organizers were able to add their own sport- and event-specific modules. In addition to general requirements, the basic standards were designed to provide safe guidance for athletes, coaches, spectators or volunteers through all phases of an event, from registration and arrival to safe exit from the venue and documented contact tracing.

"This is an incredible help for the top associations," said basketball president ingo weiss, spokesman for the german top associations. "What the dosb has done gives us the certainty that we can offer our sport in a sovereign way in which."It also makes it easier to deal with the authorities and health departments responsible for approving sporting events. "The concept gives everyone something to do, from the club to the national federation, including lobbying their officials," said weiss, who is also president of the german basketball federation.

The chairwoman of the bundestag’s sports committee, dagmar freitag, also welcomed the DOSB’s efforts to develop "the most far-reaching possible recommendations for action" for associations and clubs for sports in corona times. "The extent to which these can actually be implemented in full is first and foremost a matter for the assessment of those who are then involved with the concrete measures in practice," said the SPD politician.

Even the best concepts for sports competitions can’t eliminate all concerns about the pandemic. The german swimming federation, for example, has called off its title bouts because, despite a well thought-out hygiene concept, it was not possible to "hold the competitions in berlin with acceptable health risks for all participants," was the DSV’s reasoning.

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