Dr. Christine theiss spends “every free minute” with her daughter

Dr. Christine theiss spends 'every free minute' with her daughter

A woman wins for the first time? On sunday, 2. April (20:15), it’s that time again. Sat.1 shows the rough final of this year’s season of "the biggest loser. As finalists, lukas (31), david (32) and alexandra (33) will battle it out for the title and 50.000 euro prize money. In the run-up to the final show, moderator dr. Christine theiss (37) talks to the news agency spot on news about the season and her special view of things since she became a mother last year.

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Dr. Christine theiss spends 'every free minute' with her daughter

What was special for you in this year’s season??

Dr. Christine theiss: we had couples in camp this year. And these constellations have in part unleashed unexpected dynamics that have surprised even us old hands and presented us with new challenges. In part, there were also low levels of motivation, which we did not know in this form. We – that is, the coaches mareike spaleck and ramin abtin, camp doctor victor lorenzo da silva, nutrition advisor friedrich napieraj and i – have been able to turn the oar around and all of us together have been able to get back to the project of "losing weight" concentrated.

Which of the candidates surprised you the most??

Theiss: there is a candidate who left the camp with a lot of misstones and who i didn’t think would have the motivation to continue at home. He surprised me in the final more than positively. Besides, given the extremely strong male competition this year, i think it’s great that the women’s quota in the semifinals was 50 percent.

For her, it was the first season as a new mom. How did you reconcile all this??

Theiss: except for one board meeting in germany, i was on site the whole time and spent every free minute with my daughter. When I was busy on the set, she was in the trusting hands of my nanny.

You yourself have lost a good 15 kilos after pregnancy last year. Do you now have even more understanding for the candidates?

Theiss: in fact i think that the contestants have it a lot more difficult. The total of 16 kilograms that I gained during pregnancy was within physiological limits and quickly disappeared again with breastfeeding and exercise in the morning. However, I know since my pregnancy, how it feels when you no longer see your fube.

Will there also be a tenth season of "the biggest loser"? Giving with christine theiss?

Theiss: for me personally it would be the eighth season and i am really keen on it and continue to burn for this project.

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