Ebern’s problem is the flat

Eckehard kiesewetter

the city of ebern wants to have more commercial space available soon. The loss of a business location that was thought to be safe has upset the mayor. In a press release distributed on tuesday, jurgen hennemann (SPD) reports that he has initiated a workshop of the city council members to discuss internally the future development possibilities of the business location. In the future, he said, "the principle should apply in all cases that no more commercial areas should be designated that are not owned by the city, so that the city can respond quickly to requests and designated flats are also sold." The planning and development of areas would also be worthwhile.

A disaster

The wind is blowing rougher in ebern – an election year is coming, the opposition is forming and SPD mayor jurgen hennemann has to dress warmer. In addition, it is now necessary to digest a defeat that has to do with meat (in bottles) and was allowed to lie in the stomachs of many members of the city council for some time to come.
The disaster surrounding the planned settlement of nutrition-solutions-gmbh has shown that the city is not sufficiently prepared for the settlement of new commercial enterprises. While the municipalities in the surrounding area are wooing investors with large, flat sites and, in some cases, better infrastructure, ebern has given up on a promising (sic!) investor spat in the protein soup.
The decisive factor for the withdrawal of the entrepreneur rolf stumpf was not only the debate about his building project. The problem lies deeper, as the mayor, who brought up several possible locations for the meat-in-bottle filling plant during the negotiations, had to realize. He could not offer a desired flat on a silver platter, as is possible in other municipalities.

The only chance

The only chance stumpf accepted was the much-discussed plot of land next to the women’s ground hall, which the people of ebern are clamoring to keep – as a cultural area with potential. For the buyer who has now bailed out, the flat is "scorched earth". For several members of the city council, a citizens’ initiative initiated by the CSU, and for cultural operators, it is a flat that should be quickly rededicated.
In addition, the city has, contrary to popular belief, no available commercial space to offer. The mayor gives an overview:
? The "old barracks" business park is almost completely occupied. Four buildings are still unused, but privately owned. Only parking lots are still owned by the city.
? In the industrial area of eyrichshof, the areas owned by the city are reserved for expansions of companies located there. Further areas are privately owned. ? In the area of the speck, a commercial plot has been purchased by the city and sold to companies for construction projects.
? In fischbach, opposite valeo (formerly FTE), there is a development plan, but the land is privately owned. The city is reported to be negotiating with the owners to buy commercial space and offer it to inquiring companies.
? Since the 1960s, a commercial area has been designated in sandhof behind the headquarters of ebner-logistik. However, private ownership "for a long time, it was not possible to buy the land," reports hennemann, reports hennemann. In any case, there is no public discussion about the amount of money involved.
From the point of view of the city administration, the commercial space that is actually available in ebern is therefore in short supply. And despite its flatness of 95 square kilometers, the city is severely restricted in the designation of new commercial areas: by the floodplains of the baunach river, the habberge nature park, as well as landscape conservation areas and FFH areas.
"Therefore it is necessary to use the existing areas and to buy possible areas", announces the mayor of ebern.
The city has been negotiating with private landowners for some time in order to be prepared for requests and to be able to offer something. But these talks turned out to be difficult. Many landowners are not willing to part with their real estate as a capital investment with stable value.

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