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4 Reasons You Can’t Sleep and How to Change

Fix your sleeping problems once and for all. Insomnia, whether for a prolonged time or a short duration is a dreaded cycle that can drive us to the brink of insanity. There nothing worse than being so tired all day long that we just can’t think straight.

Sleep, Who Needs It? You Do

Did you know sleep disorders affect millions of people? According to a national survey, 54% of adults said they have experienced at least one symptom of insomnia.

How Do I Lucid Dream With the Mnemonic Initiated Method?

Lucid dreaming is extremely common and can be quite an enjoyable experience. The problem is that you are actually dreaming, and are not actually doing that activity. Lucid dreams are dreams where you are actually aware that you are dreaming.

How Do I Lucid Dream With the Wake-Back-To-Bed (WBTB) Method?

Lucid dreaming is all about dreaming consciously. There are many methods to induce lucid dreams. Wake-back-to-bed, abbreviated as WBTB, is one of them. There are mainly three steps in WBTB.

The Benefits of an Anti Snoring Pillow

Snoring is an annoyance and a disturbance for the snorer’s partner. it can also, if it is caused by sleep apnea, be a signifier of a deeper risk to health. If your snoring has this more serious cause, an anti-snoring pillow may be exactly the thing you need.

Insomnia Causes – Being Highly Sensitive

Bob can’t sleep most nights. Even when exhausted, he is often unable to sleep. Either he gets so excited about ideas and plans that he lays awake thinking about them, or he is distracted by the slightest sound, movement or body sensation which keep him awake.

How Do I Lucid Dream With the Cycle Adjustment Technique?

Everyone dreams at one time or another, these dreams are sometimes forgotten and other times remembered after waking. Dream analysis can often lead to insights in a person’s emotional and psychological state of mind.

Quality Bedsheets Are Well Worth the Cost

If sleeping comfort is your desire, one great way to achieve it is to purchase high quality bed sheets. The increased price, that so many avoid, is worth the luxuriousness and extreme comfort that these high-end bedding necessities provide.

Chin Strap to Stop Snoring and Other Remedies – What to Use to Stop Snoring

Snoring is basically the vibrations that your airways make when the movement of air is obstructed. The National Sleep Foundation, in 2005, estimated that in adults, 59% snore, that is, 6 out of any 10 people. The sounds are caused by a weakness in the throat, usually leading to a partially closed throat during sleep, as well as mispositioned jaw, fats around the airways, a possible obstruction in or around the areas of the respiratory passageway, and tissues on top of the airways touching each other.

Memory Pillow – Why You Need One

If you think it through, you will realize that uncomfortable pillow that you possess right now, cause you serious troubles in your daily life. During the night, you are constantly trying to put your pillow in the right position that will give your neck and head any support. That way you cannot fall into a deep sleep and rest your body for the next busy day. Often headaches during the day, difficulties while trying to fall a sleep, feeling tired when you get up in the morning are all symptoms of not sleeping on a proper pillow.

Memory Mattress For Quality Sleep

Everyone at one point in life has troubles with sleeping. Reasons can be different. If reason is your old, traditional mattress that took over the shape of your body, you will know. Symptoms are very clear; you will feel chronic pain, tiredness and restlessness.

The Sleep Apnea Pillow – Rekindling the Passion

Having sleep apnea can definitely douse the passion in your relationship. See how a specific treatment can bring back the spark.

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