From saturday, opponents of the airport in coburg will be collecting signatures

The city shall withdraw from the project company for the coburg airfield (PGVC). This goal has the burgerbegehren, which begins on saturday with the collection of signatures (10 am to 2 pm, spitalgasse/markt). The fact that the PGVC has amended its articles of association so that no shareholder can leave before the end of 2025 does not bother the representatives of the citizens’ initiative – klaus klumpers, martina benzel-weyh, helmuth hannweber. In a press release, klumpers speaks of an "overhasty change in the statutes as an expression of truly panicky fear of the furrowed citizens’ will". The shareholders’ meeting had approved the change in the articles of incorporation on 3. August, the vacation senate of the city council had on 7. August gave its approval.

Angela platsch, member of the city council of bundnis 90/grune and member of the vacation senate, announced to the tageblatt on thursday that she wants to have the decision of the vacation senate reviewed by the municipal supervisory authority of the government of upper franconia. The decision itself was made with eight votes in favor and one against.

Now angela platsch wants to have it examined whether the meeting of the vacation senate really had to be convened at such short notice that not even the invitation period of seven days was adhered to. According to platsch, there was no such urgency.

PGVC is to build a new airfield near neida to replace the existing one on coburg’s brandenstein plain. The initiators of the citizens’ petition want to prevent this new building; instead, they demand, the brandenstein plain should be rejuvenated. "For the preservation of the brandensteinsebene airfield instead of (VLP) new airfield construction in the district" the title of the citizens’ petition is.

The citizens’ petition is the first step toward a referendum. Seven percent of the coburg electorate, i.E. Around 2,300 voters, must sign the petition. If enough signatures are collected, it will be exciting. The city council must then decide whether the citizens’ petition is admissible. Only then will there be a referendum, in which the voters will answer the following question with "yes" or "no" are you in favor of the city of coburg 1. To withdraw immediately from the project company verkehrslandeplatz coburg mbh for the new construction of a traffic landing field (VLP) in the district and to refrain from any financial contributions, including burgschaften, in favor of such a company, and 2. The VLP brandensteinsebene will be authorized so that sports and commercial air traffic will continue to be possible there, and that the operating permit for the instrument flight procedure can continue to be issued beyond the year 2019."

Two questions, one of which could then be superfluous – because "inaccessible" the city cannot withdraw from the PGVC if the statute changes. This change in the articles of association will only become legally effective once it has been published in the commercial register, but that could only be a matter of days. According to willi kuballa, the managing director of the PGVC, the appropriate steps have already been taken.

But klaus klumpers, also a member of the city council (odp), wants to prevent this from happening. How, he does not say. He still wants to consult with "experienced lawyers" advise. Neither klumpers nor angela platsch have yet submitted their objections in writing to the government of upper franconia.

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