G8 summit: syria talks face dead end

G8 summit: syria talks face dead end

Al-assad manoeuvred into the sidelines. A meeting between U.S. President barack obama and his russian counterpart vladimir putin also failed to produce any tangible progress. Both had different views on the issue, obama said monday evening after extensive talks with putin at the G8 summit near enniskillen in northern ireland.

This coincided with the assessment of diplomats who had previously said that it would be extremely difficult to formulate a common position on the syrian conflict for the final declaration of the summit. German chancellor angela merkel and the other western heads of state and government nevertheless hoped to persuade putin to reach a feasible diplomatic solution.

The press conference of obama and putin showed how bad and undercool the relationship of the presidents is. They almost did not look at each other at all. The facial expressions and gestures of both men were marked by distance. Still, both said they would continue to look for ways to resolve the bloodshed politically.

Putin said the goal remains to get the syrian regime and the rebels to the negotiating table. "We all have the intention to end the violence in syria, to stop the increase in casualties and to resolve the situation peacefully."

Russia supplies the assad regime in syria with weapons and considers this legitimate. U.S., great britain and france did not rule out arms deliveries to syrian opposition.

Merkel was counting on putin being able to move after all. "Here the positions are still quite a bit apart. Whether we will succeed in bringing them together a little more, i can't say today," she said earlier. UN security council has not yet found a common position on syria. "This is encouragement for the assad regime to go on and on like this."

The reason for the west's plan to supply weapons to insurgents is that the u.S. And france have intelligence that syrian strongman assad has used lethal poison gas against insurgents. Since march 2011, the civil war has claimed at least 93,000 lives. Russia supplies weapons to assad and considers it legal.

In addition to syria, the conflicts over the nuclear programs of north korea and iran were also on the agenda of the two-day meeting of heads of state and government. Results were not known at first.

Merkel and her colleagues had arrived at a golf hotel on a lake, lough erne, in the afternoon. The g8 includes the united states, canada, russia, japan, germany, france, italy and great britain.

The political dilemma was countered by an economic success: the european union and the u.S. Want to secure more prosperity and jobs for their 800 million citizens with a free trade agreement. Negotiations are to begin as early as july in washington. The go-ahead for the world's largest free trade zone was given shortly before the summit.

The first working session in the afternoon was devoted to the state of the world economy. It became clear that "there are very common positions as far as the joint efforts for budget consolidation and the possibilities for growth are concerned," said merkel. "Growth naturally comes from sound finances, growth comes from structural forms."

G8 countries see eurozone on the road to recovery in face of debt crisis. In the preliminary final statement on the global economy, the group of eight paints a more positive picture than in the previous year.

The prospects for the economy remain weak. But the risks of things going further downhill are now smaller in the US, the eurozone and japan, the document obtained by dpa says. Accordingly, most financial markets have recently seen significant gains again.

A visibly pleased u.S. President announced that the first round of talks for the free trade area will start on july 8 in washington. July in washington. For the EU, commission chief jose manuel barroso and council president herman van rompuy spoke of a project that would help secure the prosperity of future generations. The U.S. And EU compete fiercely with emerging nations like china, india and brazil.

It's about dismantling tariffs and other trade barriers.

However, differences in technical norms, security standards or competition regulations restrict trade and lock out european and us companies from each other's markets.

It is unclear when the free trade agreement will be finalized. "I can't say exactly how long the negotiations will take," barroso said, speaking of several years. Originally 2015 was targeted. Van rompuy also expects difficult negotiations: "there are no magic solutions."

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