Game developer visits the jukuz

game developer visits the jukuz

The 37-year-old graduate in business administration from werneck presented his products as part of the bad kissingen games weeks at the youth and culture center (JUKUZ). Currently, there are a dozen board games, a mobile game and two riddle books by him on the market.

"I have always liked to play, but I found the old games in need of improvement." After graduating from the university of applied sciences in schweinfurt in 2007, he worked full-time in his parents’ sporting goods store, but in his free time he worked on game variants, found out about the possibilities of professional marketing and started doing so in 2009. Konig: "the first years were difficult. But from 2011 my game exploded."

It all started with the visit of his two nephews, with whom he played muhle. But always one had to sit out, because this classic board game is playable since 3500 years only in pairs. "I was annoyed that no one had thought of the idea of allowing several players to play the muhle game at the same time." So konfig designed a similar board game "master of the mills" in only two days, which can be played in five variations by up to four people. In the meantime he has already sold a thousand pieces.

So far konig has only thought of board games, as they have a good tradition in germany and their sales are even increasing. "It is not without reason that the americans speak of german games when they mean board games." Konig’s games must meet three requirements: they must be inexpensive, guarantee long-lasting fun, and the rules must be understood within five minutes. With this, the wernecker seems to be on the right track. He sells up to 3,000 pieces a year and his products occupy top positions in the sales rankings of individual categories at amazon.

One of his bestsellers is his "pub crawl", a funny party and drinking game for a maximum of six players. Konig has already sold 4000 of these games in four years and is ranked eighth in the amazon party game rankings.

For his three year old board game "fubball-torjager" he had an electronic version produced in time for the world championship, which every soccer fan can now download onto his or her smartphone free of charge. It is a tactical dice game, in which the ball rolls across the playing field depending on the movement card rolled.

As the sales success of the games he developed grew, konig increasingly withdrew from his parents’ sporting goods business. "I used to work 40 hours a week and had only a few hours of free time for my games. In the meantime, he can be creative: 20 new games are still waiting to be marketed in the cellar at home. Konig is also writing five thematically completely different books at the same time. In between he takes the time to present his games personally to the interested audience – like in the jukuz in bad kissingen.

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