Ghosn “illegally” used turkish private jets for escape

Ghosn 'illegally' used turkish private jets for escape

Former car boss carlos ghosn used jets of turkish company MNG for his escape from japan to lebanon. This was announced by the charter company on its website.

The private planes – one for the dubai-osaka and osaka-istanbul routes, and one for the trip from istanbul to beirut – were used "illegally". The company had filed a complaint "to prosecute those who were involved".

Ghosn, who was released on bail in japan, made a surprise flight to lebanon on sunday last week. The former head of the renault group was killed on 19. November 2018 arrested and charged in tokyo for violating borsen requirements. In april 2019, he was released on bail from custody in japan under strict conditions. Among other things, he was forbidden to leave the country. Ghosn has french, brazilian and lebanese citizenship. He is considered the architect of the international car alliance between renault, nissan and mitsubishi.

MNG explained that an employee had admitted to falsifying documents. The two flight bookings had apparently been unrelated, and ghosn had not been listed as a passenger. The man had acted without the knowledge of the company management.

The state news agency anadolu had reported on thursday that seven suspected helpers had been arrested in turkey. Among them are four pilots. Suspected of helping ghosn flee on private jet. Anadolu reported on friday that they had been brought before the court.

Before his escape, ghosn was filmed by a surveillance camera leaving his apartment in tokyo. The recordings therefore show how the manager was born on the 29th of march. The japanese broadcaster NHK reported on friday that the man left the house alone around noon on december 12, citing sources close to the investigation. The 65-year-old’s apartment in tokyo was searched on thursday.

The charter company MNG announced that after learning through the media that ghosn had profited from the flight bookings and not the officially stated passengers, an investigation had been initiated. On 1. A complaint was filed on january. The jets were not owned by MNG, but were operated by the company.

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