Graduation ceremony for the graduates of the ihk zu coburg

Graduation ceremony for the graduates of the ihk zu coburg

"We were all proud to call ourselves skilled workers", said michael heublein, a graduate of the chamber of commerce and industry’s final examinations. 308 young professionals passed the exams and celebrated their graduation on wednesday. Heublein himself completed his training as an electronics technician for industrial engineering at the company kaeser.

In addition to getting to know the company’s land, studying for final exams and going on excursions together, heublein reminisced about his apprenticeship days. "It has always been a great pleasure to do things with colleagues, even with our instructors, said the graduate.

Creating new opportunities

Instructors and teachers were the focus of the lecture by anton staudigl, head of the coburg state vocational school I. The school needs freedom and motivated teachers. This will be achieved above all by minimizing the additional burden on teachers," explained herdan.

Staudigl addressed bernd sibler (CSU), bavaria’s new minister for education and culture, a few weeks ago. Sibler explained that teachers had to continue their training. This is especially true for digitalization. Here, the focus must be on teacher training. Seminary schools for trainee teachers had to train the future teachers digitally.

The president of the coburg chamber of industry and commerce, friedrich herdan, also addressed the issue of digitalization. "The fears are unjustified", explained herdan. He sees digitalization as an opportunity: "it creates new possibilities." He criticized the bavarian state government. "’There is a failure in school education’, said herdan. He called for greater investment in the digital infrastructure and further training for teachers.

Finally, he made a plea for vocational school teachers: "the profession of vocational school teacher needs the public recognition it deserves." For which he received plenty of applause.

All speakers agreed that the graduates could look back with pride on their achievements to date. They have completed the first important step in their professional careers. Herdan gave the following advice to the graduates. "Success means that the profession does not become a living, but a vocation." Sibler aptly addressed his closing words to the new specialists: "let it rip; you have earned it."

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