Green light given for second production line of berry growers

Josef hofbauer the members of the building committee have now finally given the green light for the expansion of the berry growers’ production facilities and have taken into account the suggestions of the "public authorities" discusses. The planning for the 3600 square meter commercial area is now open to the public.

A million jars of fruit spread are filled each year. The main customers for the products produced are organic wholesalers and retailers nationwide, as well as organic dairies and some organic wholesalers in europe.

At present, two shifts are being worked from 7 to 21 a.M.30 hours of work. The planned expansion with the construction of a second plant will reduce working hours to one shift from 7 a.M. To 5 p.M.

Positioning for the future

"We want to position ourselves for the future and master the challenges" , underlines birgit bertelshofer. The second production line not only stands for healthy expansion, but also provides security. If a technical problem were to occur in the current production process, it would lead to a complete standstill. With two lines, production, which could be increased two and a half times with the new building, could continue to run, at least to a lesser extent.

Birgit bertelshofer cites the cooperation with the schrozberg dairy, whose products bear the demeter seal, as a further reason for the expansion of the production hall. "Since 2014, we have been producing fruit preparations for this partner’s range of fruit yogurts between rothenburg ob der tauber and bad mergentheim", so bertelshofer. These fruit mixtures are filled into containers and shipped to baden-wurttemberg. This cooperation has grown more and more in recent years and has become an important economic pillar for the berry growers.

The second production line – if everything goes smoothly, the berry farmers plan to start construction in march – will also lead to an increase in staff, emphasizes birgit bertelshofer. She hopes that the new building with the second production line and rough social spaces can be put into operation at the end of the year.

No longer privileged

The designation of the building area became necessary because the company of the bertelshofer family, which was previously run as an agricultural business, had lost its agricultural privileges due to the development of the company. In order to secure the future of the company and ensure further development at the niedermirsberg site, it had become necessary to create a building permit.

Members of the ebermannstadt city council were in favor of the project from the outset, as the aim was to keep the company at its niedermirsberg site. Approval was all the easier because the required land is already in the possession of berry farmers. The "special area wiesengrund" borders the meadow to the north and west, a private orchard to the northeast, and agricultural land to the east and south.

In addition: the planning area is already being used in part as the company’s operating area. Other areas serve as access roads or parking lots.

The berry farmers in niedermirsberg built a factory in 2011 for the production of fruit spreads and fruit preparations in demeter quality. There are currently twelve employees at the site, wiesengrundstrabe 6.

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