Groblangheim helps finance animal shelter

The new construction of the kitzingen animal shelter has occupied the city and county of kitzingen for years. This is also confirmed by a letter from the district association of the bavarian municipal association, which was read out by mayor karl hochner at the meeting of the groblangheim market town council on tuesday evening. The community of groblangheim is involved in financing the new building, which cost between 2.4 and 2.6 million. The decision to do so was unanimous.

Since the funds of the kitzingen animal welfare association are not sufficient and the municipalities are responsible for lost and found animals, which are then handed over to the animal shelter, the district association of municipalities agreed in february of this year to co-finance the new home, since there would be a coverage gap of about 1.5 million euros, after the district council promised a grant of 300,000 euros. To close the funding gap with a 20-year loan, an annual fee from the municipalities is necessary. After 70 cents per inhabitant had been paid to the animal shelter as a rule in the past, an amount of 1.5 to 1.7 euros now had to be paid, according to the suggestion of the district association.

Final per-capita amount not yet determined

The groblangheim council voted unanimously to contribute proportionately to the repayment and the interest burden yet to be determined, which is why the final amount of the per capita burden could not be disclosed. "This is a balanced method of payment, which does not overburden the municipalities and also leaves a certain margin", the mayor stated.

A letter from the municipal waste management company was also read out, stating that all can containers will be withdrawn as of january 2020. The reason for this is the partially unmonitored discharge, which led to mull deposits and fires. Empty cans must in future end up in the yellow sack or be delivered to kitzingen, as the letter states.

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