HEAL Guided Sleep Meditation for Healing Body, Mind, Spirit Before Sleeping With Ease

Snore Problem Solving – Suggestions and Solutions To Help Stop Snoring!

Snore problem detection and solving can be quite a challenge. Here are a few suggestions to start you off which can help you…

How To Deal With Insomnia

Some people have problems sleeping during the night and are classified as insomniacs. However, medicine is not the only answer and there are many natural remedies that can help with sleeping problems including insomnia.

Stop Snores – Know A Number Of Ways To Do It Right!

There are a number of ways to stop snores. Some of the most natural means are: lose weight, get away from vices, exercise plus avoid certain medications that affect your…

Turbinate Coblation – Will It Work for Me?

One of the various procedures to mitigate or eliminate snoring with a patient, is a procedure known as Radiofrequency Nasal Turbinate Reduction (RNTR) using Coblation technology. RNTR involves treating the patient’s nasal airway using coblation radio frequency energy to gently reduce the size of the patient’s enlarged turbinates. Turbinates are balloon shaped fleshy membranes, shaped like a top, located in the nasal airway.

Why Alpha Brain Waves Are Vital for Improving Your Sleep, Relaxation and Stress Management

Alpha waves provide enormous psychological and physical health benefits and play a significant role in restoring life balance. People who produce more alpha brain waves experience less anxiety and their immune system appears healthier. There is a method available to induce the alpha state almost instantly.

CPAP – To Breathe Or Not To Breathe?

Do you wake up feeling tired even if you slept the required 8 hours? Do you fall asleep while at work? Have morning headaches? Finding it difficult to concentrate? You might have sleep apnea.

Natural Solution for Insomnia

Do you have trouble closing your eyes at night? Do you find yourself restless even though your bed is of the best mattress? Are you suffering this for almost a week now? Are dark circles forming in around your eyes already? Then, definitely you have insomnia. Don’t worry though you can get through it in no time. All you need to do is read along and you’ll get tips on natural remedies for insomnia.

You Don’t Need To Sleep At Least 8 Hours A Day

95% of adults reported having trouble sleeping at one time or another in their life. 64 million Americans regularly suffer from insomnia each year. Learn about the myths and facts of sleeping in this little article.

Insomnia Antidote

Having trouble sleeping? Got circles round your eyes? Looking more like a raccoon than a human being? Well, the symptoms are quite obvious. You have insomnia.

Horrible Internet Lies About Best Sleeping Positions

When we look for advice in relation to sleeping positions, many of us use internet resources (articles and websites) to make our choices. If you perform a search using a popular search engine using keywords “ideal sleep postures” or “best sleeping positions” or “perfect postures for sleep”, you will find out that up to about 90% of sources suggest that sleeping on one’s back (or supine sleep) is the best sleeping position due to least stress for a spine. Most of these articles are written by doctors, chiropractors, and alignment specialists, who consider the human body as a mechanical device with bones, angels, curves, tension, pressure, etc. While having good intentions in relation to other people, this over-simplified and primitive understanding of the human organism causes devastating effects on health of modern people.

The Automatic CPAP – Why It Might Be Preferable

Sleep apnea is a condition many people have without knowing it. This is a shame because it is actually one of the most underrated conditions when it comes to how it affects its sufferers and the dangers involved. To fix the condition, many patients are fitted with a CPAP machine. They come in two varieties: traditional and automatic. Here’s why they are different.

Sleep Apnea Symptoms – The Right Diagnosis and Treatment

Sleep apnea symptoms must be caught in order to get to the doctor and get a proper diagnosis. After this has been done, you can find the treatment you need for your ailment. While it has long been downplayed on a widespread basis, the condition can cause a host of health problems, not the least of which is insomnia and heart attack. If you can come to the realization that you might be suffering, you can get to a good doctor quickly and begin treatment.

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