Hearty tavern cabaret in ibind

Hearty tavern cabaret in ibind

The rhone dialect is a tough one. In the rhon, for example, one makes "haa" instead of hay – or "hei, as they say here in the mountains. The guests got a taste of this tough dialect once again in the "iwinner tunnelsaal" at the tavern cabaret, innkeeper uwe radlein presents the "rhoner doppelknaller" for the second time had invited.

The "double banger, these are the three-man-formation "spilk" and comedian fredi breunig from salz near bad neustadt. They say it or sing it, as they think it: coarse and uncouth.
Already with the second song of spilk, the "schnudl-polka", the hall enthusiastically clapped rhythmically along; for the polka is an ironic, almost hamic homage to the people of schweinfurt. "The main thing is cheap calls franky schmitt, who with martin "maddin" reinhard and joachim buhner the trio forms. Besides the schweinfurters there are other "folkgroups in the focus of their mockery: the pensioners, for example, the "siemensians of bad neustadt or the pilgrims. So the trio celebrates with a lot of background knowledge, how it goes on a pilgrimage to vierzehnheiligen so musically packed in a three-part chorale. They also know what to do on a bridge day: go to ikea. The three accompany themselves, depending on the song with accordion, trumpet, baritone, guitar, bass guitar or trombone.

Anecdotes and tales

Fredi breunig walks across the realm of anecdotes, this time unaccustomedly in a woman’s blue shirt. With all the news about the refugees he misses the discussions about greece. "Nix! Ke wodd mehr devoo". The company deichmann has helped and donated 200 pairs of shoes to greece. Breunig: "die senn alla zuruckkumma – es war’n arbeitsschuhe" (they all come back – it was work shoes). The people bent over laughing. Even as nikolaus, breunig is "now going back" in the houses and notices that society is becoming softer and softer. Strikes of the rod? "I forgot, I can’t even take the servant into the house with me. It always has to be there, and it has to be so long". In another round, disguised as "kappeschilds heinrich aus ottelmannshausen" the comedian went as a typical "sparbrenner" to the man-woman-relationship. Example: "i was so late when i was doing the gheating, so that i wouldn’t have to pay goldne hochzich".

Breunig and "spilk take turns during the evening, which increases the entertainment value. With hubert von goisern’s ballad "heast as nit?" Franky shows his empathetic side, and after four hours of variety the guests still won’t let the artists off the stage. Several encores followed, before the finale, the "kreuzberg song", was played the guests sway along powerfully: showdown at "staden zeit.

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