High performance on the spot at the roller bike race

High performance on the spot at the roller bike race

The popular roller bike race lasts a total of twelve hours and 20 minutes. And every year it attracts only the most ambitious cyclists from the region to oberleichtersbach. Because the competition is insanely sweaty.

A team must consist of at least four riders, including at least one woman. Up to three hours a single rider is therefore on the road on his racing bike. And yet, despite the highest physical exertion, does not move a single centimeter from the spot.

How many kilometers the athletes have in their legs, only the computer knows at first, but it can be read in the faces of the rhon pedal knights. Every year, the ambitious teams aim for the magic limit of a total of 500 kilometers ridden within twelve hours – only to fall just short of this ambitious goal in most cases. Last year the barenstarke team "power express 200" broke through from modlos the magic sound barrier and reached with a sensational final spurt 504 kilometers total driving performance.

This feat of strength is by no means within the realm of possibility for all teams. If a rider is really on the ropes, his teammates cheer him on, motivate him and encourage him to perform at his best. Team spirit is traditionally written very large in the roller bike race. The teams help each other with technical problems, support each other as best they can, even if the sporting ambition is unmistakable.

Among the rough favorites pays every year the experienced team "bikeworld brand euerdorf", which in 2019 has surprisingly won the 3rd place. The number of downloads of the german corona. After ten hours "bikeworld brand" had this year, the 400-kilometer mark was broken, but still the "gas bikers" with 392 kilometers on the back of your neck. A neck-and-neck race emerged, with the clearly better end for the eternal top favorite. In the course of the day, however, the two front runners were separated by only a few meters.

The evaluation of the sports teams resulted in the following order: team bikeworld brand euerdorf (453 kilometers), gassebiker (449), RSC bimbach I (413), zinks und angeheierte (405), die flotten 50er (403), 2 rad 20 (401), RSC bimbach for ever (392), team leichtersbach (389), heikos radschuppen (387), flinke pedale (386), schwarze berge sudhang (368), lubidaba 2 (361), rollenrunner (350) and lubidaba 1 (346).

The performance of the spabteams was evaluated separately, because a different, less strict rule applied to them: kali stiere (419 kilometers), SG oberleichtersbach (411), spabteam bikeworld brand euerdorf (359), team der skigymnastik (355), die sippe (348), spabteam from poppenhausen (340), hanse haus oberleichtersbach (321) and gemeinderad oberleichtersbach (312).

The roller bike race is organized by the team schwarze berge and the SG oberleichtersbach. The technical and organizational effort is high. But the organizers have long been able to gain important experience in bringing such a competition confidently over the stage.

"It has never been as crowded as this year", said organizer karl bienmuller of the black mountains team. Already in the morning hours the first spectators came, which was not the case in previous years. Year after year the number of subscribers grew slowly but steadily. Whereby the limited space available does not allow for arbitrary growth.

Once again, spectators were able to try their hand on the roller. On a separate donation bike provided, every visitor could pedal hard and do good for the school and kindergarten. "It went much better than in previous years", according to bienmuller.

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